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Update 02/07/2009


   I don't know exactly how to remedy this but I made a really bad mistake on the last time around when I said that my son had a problem and it took Union Township 15 to 20 minutes to get here from the water tower station down by the helicopter park. Had I waited until I got the information on runs and staffing I certainly would not have posted it but I have to be honest with you and tell you that I am so frustrated with the Administration that I sometimes lose it and do stupid things. This was certainly one of them.

   I had requested from the Village statistics concerning the runs made last year and so far this year. I have asked for the number of runs from each station and how long it took to make the run. I have since received these documents and started my analysis. During the course of my study of these documents I had some questions about how to interpret some of the data. I called the Union Township Fire Department and had a conversation with Assistant Chief Gary Aufrt concerning the information. He asked me my name, I told him and he called up my sons run and gave me proof that the run to my sons took about 8 minutes no where near 15 to 20! I told him that I was just going by what my son said and that I hadn't made the info public! Well I must have sounded like the biggest liar on the face of the earth because when I started the revamp of this website and got to this page.....

   I told him I never published anything without proof! Well he must have thought I was the biggest liar on the face of the earth!

   Sorry is not enough but it is all I have! Life goes on....

In the meantime I have sent the following email to Ellington to see if there was any concern on the part of the Village Council.


   In response to my question about what will happen if the levy fails I received the following from Ellington.

   While Ellington may be technically correct the Union Township staffing, which is not what we contracted for in my opinion, is not going to get any better! I have examined the contract he refers to and while I am far from being an expert in contracts I can't find anything in the contract that provides a standard that Union Township must live up to in order to keep the agreement. There is a reference to their proposal. I have entered a public records request to get a copy of that proposal and this may tell us what they must do to perform according to contract. Right now its just to provide the service, it doesn't define what that service consists of in terms of performance.

   Well I am afraid that Ellington's answer is just not good enough for me. In addition to the Union Township proposal I have also requested copies of all the other proposals submitted. Also I have put in requests for the performance reports, number of runs from each station and how long they took, for all of 2008 and 2009 so far. In addition I sent the following email to Ellington to see how the village intends to measure performance with the reduction in service that Union Township has stated they will have if the levy failed, which it did by almost 3 to 1.

   Let you know when I get something else.


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