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   In response to my question (click here to read) about what will happen if the levy fails I recived the following from Ellington.

   While Ellington may be technically correct the Union Township staffing, which is already sub-standard in my opinion, is not going to get any better! I have examined the contract he refers to and while I am far from being an expert in contracts I can't find anything in the contract that provides a standard that Union Township must live up to in order to keep the agreement. There is a reference to their proposal. I have entered a public records request to get a copy of that proposal and this may tell us what they must do to perform according to contract. Right now its just to provide the service, it doesn't define what that service consists of in terms of performance. Just suppose that fire/ems services is all we have. When my son needed help a while back his help had to come from the Tower Station down near Eastgate and took 15-20 minutes. Suppose the next time it takes 30 minutes because Union Township is short on people and my son dies! You really think it matters if they violated their contract or didn't violate it!

   Well I am afraid that Ellington's answer is just not good enough for me. In addition to the Union Township proposal I have also requested copies of all the other proposals submitted. Also I have put in requests for the performance reports, number of runs from each station and how long they took, for all of 2008 and 2009 so far. In addition I sent the following email to Ellington to see how the village intends to measure performance with the reduction in service that Union Township has stated they will have if the levy failed, which it did by almost 3 to 1.

   Let you know when I get something else.


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