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Update - 02/09/2009

02/06/2009 - Your New And Improved Website, My Opinion

   February 3rd, 2009

   I went to the Village website to look up some information. I was not really expecting too much since it is seldom up to date if ever. I have personally never seen it up to date. Anyhow I couldn’t help but laugh at the Home page:

   Welcome to the Amelia Village website.

   This is a new and improved site designed to give all residents a gateway to any information that you may need. Here you can find information about permits you may need before making that addition to your home. Find out what parks are in the area that you and your family can enjoy together. Maybe you are going on vacation and would like to notify the Amelia Police Department to watch over your home while you are away. All of this information and more is contained within.

   So please, peruse the site and enjoy. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact the Village Office, contact info on the right of this page, and let us know. We will be sure to update the site for your needs!

   Thank you and welcome to the new site!

Well this doesn’t look “new” to me but then I have only been looking at it for about 8 months. But if you want to call 8 months or older new I really don’t care. However if it is improved I would have hated to see what it looked like before. This is not the first time I have pointed out some of these problems to the administration. After all this time I just believe that the website is treated about like everything else they do, poor and sloppy. These things need to be fixed and kept up to date or the website needs to be eliminated since it is always in such poor condition that it is a waste of money.

   1. Minutes have not been posted since November, 2008

   2.Calendar hasn’t been updated since December, 2008

   3. Last ordinance posted, November, 2008

   4. R-2008-08 - page not found, very sloppy!

   5. Village Services – The title makes one think that these would be services provided by the village because what else would “village services” mean? I never thought to look at this before since I already knew what “services” the village manages for us so I am glad that I didn’t need to find the Poison Hotline because I would never have thought to look there. The poison hotline is not a village service nor are the vast majority of the other items of information in the list. Out of curiosity I went to look and wow what a list! But after reading a few I then realized that they were not “village services” at all but services and items of interest available to the village residents mostly from outside sources of the county and townships that Amelia is in. One might also state that most if not all of these “services” would be available to residents of Pierce and Batavia Townships if Amelia were to be dissolved. So maybe it is just a poor choice of words. I would call them “Important Information” rather than village services so people like me would not be confused. However I prefer the way that Pierce and Batavia townships provide this information. I did not see anything under services. They prefer to use drop down menus that give a heading explaining exactly what you are looking for. For example FIRE/EMS is the heading. When you click on it your are given the numbers you should call to receive the service you require. There is no looking for an item in a 98 item list of information. You get quickly to what you need without confusion. Much better than your choice of methods in my opinion.

   The following two stand out as not being available since December 31st, 2008 and should be removed. There may be more but these stand out.

   Trash Collection

   Trash collection is provided for single family residents only by contract with Rumpke Disposal, Inc. Curbside collection is provided each Thursday morning at no cost to the resident. ‘(See ‘Curbside Recycling- elsewhere in this directory for further details) . Yard waste is not included on trash pickup day. (See Yard Waste’elsewhere in this directory for further details). Christmas Day and New Year's Day will cause service to be one day late for that week only.

   Curbside Recycling

   The Village offers unlimited curbside recycling as part of its trash services contract with Rumpke, Inc. Materials you may put in your red curbside bin are newspaper, magazines, phone books, cardboard, glass and no. 1 and no. 2 plastic containers. Any questions please call the Municipal offices at 753-4747.

   I do know there are some other errors but it is not my job to keep this website up to date and examine all the details of the site. Apparently none of the people that work in the administration have this assignment either. I suppose that it is more important to make sure the “Easter Egg Hunt” goes off on time rather that make sure the residents can read the meeting minutes, ordinances, and important meeting dates. After all, most of every council meeting sounds more like a PTA meeting to determine what is coming up for the kindergarten class!

   Thats my opinion, whats yours?

Confirmation of email to Ellington to see if we can get corrections made.

02/09/2009 - Your New And Improved Webslop, My Opinion

   I really am sick and tired of hearing how great they do things across the street. This is just one example of many that I am going to be pointing out to you over the next few months. Just about everything I pointed out about the errors on their website has happened before. For example the ordinances were an issue when I first started acquiring information about the Administration back in September of 2008. They hadn’t been updated since June!!!

   So I emailed Ellington (
click to view) and the missing ones were added. When I checked the next few times I discovered that they were not being updated again. I gave up and started going to the library and making copies of what I wanted.

   But what aggravates me is that in the council meetings they spew out all this garbage about how they are all doing such a great job and they put statements on the website like “new and improved”, etc. Its not new and improved it’s a piece of garbage!

   Anyhow, Ellington’s reply is the same as the last time, it’s Menz’s fault, I emailed him to fix it, thanks for your help, blah,blah, blah. Read it for yourself.

   So don't expect any real change until it happens because you will in all likelihood be disappointed.

   But just in case you are wondering what we are paying for this kind of slop just click here.


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