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02/09/2009 - Your New And Improved Website, My Opinion

   I really am sick and tired of hearing how great they do things across the street. This is just one example of many that I am going to be pointing out to you over the next few months. Just about everything I pointed out about the errors on their website has happened before. For example the ordinances were an issue when I first started acquiring information about the Administration back in September of 2008. They hadn’t been updated since June!!!

   So I emailed Ellington ( click to view) and the missing ones were added. When I checked the next few times I discovered that they were not being updated again. I gave up and started going to the library and making copies of what I wanted.

   But what aggravates me is that in the council meetings they spew out all this garbage about how they are all doing such a great job and they put statements on the website like “new and improved”, etc. Its not new and improved it’s a piece of garbage!

   Anyhow, Ellington’s reply is the same as the last time, it’s Menz’s fault, I emailed him to fix it, thanks for your help, blah,blah, blah. Read it for yourself.

   So don't expect any real change until it happens because you will in all likelihood be disappointed.

   But just in case you are wondering what we are paying for this kind of slop just click here.

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