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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

Cindy Lofton - Questions For Ellington, 09/26/2008

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Cindy Lofton - Questions For Ellington, 09/26/2008

John:Wanted to point this out to you too. At the last council meeting the mayor said he would be available to answer any questions we had. I sent him an e-mail about 2 weeks ago with a list of questions. He did immediately respond and said to be patient with him he had a family death and he would get back with me ASAP. He did call and talk to my husband last week and used the same excuse, but I'm still waiting on my e-mail response. I know of at least two other people who sent questions and are awaiting responses. I'll let you know when and if I get a response. By now he probably has figured out that my name is on every petition and maybe he has put a face to the name. Regardless, I want a response.

Thanks again


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