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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

My Opinion of the Threat Letter of 8/11

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September 4th, 2008
Mr. Ellington/Mr. Menz Threat Letter of 8/11

   I assume that most residents of Amelia have read the letter of August 11th, 2008 sent by Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz to most residents. This is my take on what the letter represents.

   I call it a threat-letter because that is what it feels like to me. It is filled with false information, even the title is false, as well as lies, inconsistencies, innuendoes and pathetic attempts to make a group of people who had a budget of $2,750,000 and ran up a debt of $3,500,000, look good. It is out and out ridiculous

   Now I hate to use the terms lies but I don't know what other adjective fits. For example the very first of their "ramifications" states 1. $200,000.00 per year for 3 years to pay for the existing Waste Collection contract with Runpke." As I understand it the current contract does not expire until almost a year from now and there are currently enough funds to pay for it during that period of time.

   I can't be sure of the amount of debt because even those responsible working for the village don't know! They tell you this in item #12 on the threat-letter you received. I just took the $3,500,000 out of one of the newspaper articles I read. Can you actually imagine that they would even write such a statement in a letter that they sent out to you! It is hard to believe but they just confessed to being either incompetant or stupid. Either way it's a joke! Come on Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz, you have to admit that telling your constituents that you don't know how much debt you have is stupid, especially when you are trying to sway them with what you call facts. But then according to your own definition it is a fact that you have an unknown amount of debt! You should all be fired! But we can't do that can we? And we can only remove all of you by election and that would take six years, way to long the way you spend our money that you don't have. What you have done is given no other option. UNLESS YOU ALL RESIGN IMMEDIATELY WE MUST DISOLVE AMELIA VILLAGE!

   Not only were we threatened but in one of the media articles Mr. Ellington has the gall to say "Mayor Leroy Ellington said he hopes that placing a measure on the ballot, rather than having Village Council impose a tax, will eliminate much of the controversy and personal attacks that have been generated by critics." Well Mr. Ellington you got it all wrong. It is not personal! It is not that I don't like you or any of your group! I don't even know any of you! You may well be some of the nicest people on the planet. I am not attacking anyone! But Leroy, you and your group are a miserable failure at running the Village. It is called being responsible for your actions. That is what I am trying to do, hold you responsible! You asked for it and your going to get it! Nothing personal!

   It is called fiscal responsibility which you and your group only have for yourselves and not for the rest of us. Did you have any such attacks before you let us know how irresponsible you all are? Is it not true that nothing of the magnitude of anger that exists now was present before you and you crew decided to impose a tax on us just to meet your fiscal irresponsibility? According the people that I talked to who attended your meetings you were adamant about imposing the tax. You told the people there that it would be done regardless. There would be no vote! That was your position! So without a choice we had to try to dissolve Amelia. Did you ever hear of such a drastic measure before your irresponsible actions!. No, of course not.

   And then the straw that broke the camels back! You established a citizens committee to provide some input to the council. If I remember correctly in the letter you sent out, you referred to it as the democratic way of doing things. Ha! When you got the recommendations, which I thought were outstanding and I have a copy of them in front of me, You rejected all of them! What is happening now is you and your group's own doing. If the Village disappears it will be because of YOU and no one else! You gave us no choice!

   Now I am not going to bore you with the hundreds of individual RAMIFICATIONS OF NOT DISSOLVING AMELIA VILLAGE . There simply are too many. Let me just summarize this subject. Currently the budget Amelia has is $2,750,000 according to what I have read. For the most part this money comes from tax levies that you and I vote for. In other words at least we have the opportunity to say yes or no and we then have to live with the results or ramifications if you will. What we expect out of the mayor and the council members is the judicious spending of that money in order to provide us with necessary services. I say necessary services not parks and playgrounds, not movies in the park, not Christmas parades, not an overstaffed payroll, not a police department that delivers Meals On Wheels instead of controlling traffic on our city streets, not an ineffective public works department, have you driven 125 lately?, not Easter egg hunts, not summer concerts in the park, not ineffective snow plowing, not invisible street repairs, not police on bicycles on country roads, not taking responsibilities for cemeteries that are not their responsibility, not dog parks, etc, etc ,etc but NECESSARY SERVICES!

   And when your kids or who ever makes requests for parks and playgrounds if there are no funds available we expect you to say NO just as we have to when the same thing happens to us! We do not expect you to spend money that you don't have and then try to IMPOSE a tax on us to cover it!

   Simply stated the ramification of keeping the Village is MORE OF THE SAME. If we do not rid ourselves of this cancer we will without a doubt be bankrupt in the very near future if we are not already and when we find out just how much unknown debt they have created we may well be bankrupt now! Just look at the past history of this group running Amelia and unless you are stone cold blind or are one of the BTOs you can only come up with one conclusion! THEY HAVE TO GO!

John Michael Toren
43 year resident of
the Village of Amelia
who has had enough!


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