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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

Dissolve Amelia To Save Amelia

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Dissolve Amelia To Save Amelia

   Sound strange? Well it is exactly what we have to do! Let me see if I can explain this concept to you. I am going to start by defining what the Amelia that I know is all about. I am going to first tell you about the place that my family and I have have spent the last 43 years of our lives.    My family goes back to the 1800's in this area. One of my aunts was born in Hamlet, my mother and some of my uncles were born in Georgetown and most of the rest in Felicity or Ripley. My mom and my brother both died here in Amelia and well as my wife's father. My dad died down in California in an accident on US 52. I have tons of relatives in Bethel, Hamersville area, Ripley and points east. My wife and her family have ties to the east side but not quite as far east as Amelia. At one time they lived in Mt. Washington and her father, a pilot, flew out of Lunkin Airport. Her uncle was the designer and builder of the Mount Washington Water Tower.

   Before I get into some real living history let me respond to the Official Clermont County Historian's take on dissolving Amelia.

Sorry Mr. Historian

   Our personal history in Amelia goes back some 43 odd years. Unlike the mystical history vented out by our historian this is real, first hand, you know who I am and where I live and what I think! living HISTORY!

Amelia's Living History 25-27 W Main

   Over the years I have watched while the Old Amelia Village kept being destroyed one house or one building or one open field at a time. Nothing I could do but you know what I always told my kids. "Our little piece of Amelia will always be here. Our walnut grove in our back yard will always be here. Our little cherry orchard will always be here! Our pet cemetary will always be here! Our little forest that is home to many birds and small animals will always be here! The houses where our loved ones passed away will always be here! At least there will always be some part of Old Amelia remaining for posterity!



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