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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

Sorry Mr. Historian

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Sorry Mr. Historian

   I was a little upset by one of the comments made by the County Historian in one of the newspaper articles. Please click here and read it.

   First I would have a question for our historian. As a true historian do you not feel a responsibility to record history and not make history? You seem to have the same problem that Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz have, you don't understand English! Your supposed to be the Official Clermont County Historian but you don't seem to know what an historian is! Once again I used the Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary to educate you:

Main Entry: his·to·ri·an
Pronunciation: hi-'stor-E-&n, -'stär-
Function: noun
Date: 15th century
1 : a student or writer of history; especially : one who produces a scholarly synthesis
2 : a writer or compiler of a chronicle

   Perhaps this will help you in your capacity. Your venting about we Amelians wanting to rid ourselves of this cancer we have created is really none of your business other than to record the happenings! Since your not even a resident and as an historian you should keep you opinions to yourself and simply do your job without trying to influence the outcome.

   And another thing! When you say and I quote "the village has produced" I have to disagree with you once again. A village cannot produce ANYTHING!!! It is simply a dot on a map that defines a geographic location where someone else, such as parents, PRODUCE CHILDREN or a farmer plants corn seeds and the seeds the farmer plants PRODUCE CORN!

   Lastly. I really don't pay to much attention to "experts" whose try to make their point with general statements. If you want to make a point tell us:

1. Who the journalists are you are refering to?
2. Who are the great minds you are refering to?
3. Who are the prominent citizens you are referng to?
4. Who are the politicians you are refering to?
5. Who are the star athletes you are refering to?
6. Who are the inventors you are refering to?
7. Who are the renowned physicians you are refering to?
8. Who was the first doctor to sucessfully separate Siamese twins from the brain?

   Now put up or shut up! And since you chose to use plurals for each category I would expect more than one "great" in each category except for number 8.

   Don't bother with Congressman Kearne. He wasn't "PRODUCED" by Amelia. He was "PRODUCED" by Tonica Illinois. Also don't bother with the "first doctor to sucessfully separate Siamese twins from the brain". We know it was Doctor Benjamin Carson, click this line for the whole story" who was "PRODUCED" in Detroit, Michigan, click here for verification.

   By the way I googled all your categories and couldn't find a single person from Amelia who fit any of your categories. I did find a list of people from Ohio, click here to read it.

   It did not have a single person from Amelia either. Now I am not trying to say that you are wrong! I am just interested in who you are talking about! After all, it was you who blasted those of us who want to SAVE AMELIA BY DISSOLVING AMELIA! The history of Amelia will never go away unless you historians do not record it! But part of that history must read "In 2008 the citizens of Amelia realized they had a Village Administration that did not have the best interest of the residents in mind, an Adminstration that was feasting off of the citizens they had sworn to protect and serve, an Adminstration that did not have one iota of experience to administer a village government, an Adminstration that used threats to coerce the citizens from working against them, an adminstration that used the resources to pay themselves huge salaries to cover their own debts, and an adminstration that was going to destroy what was left of old Amelia, and other things! So without any other forseeable recourse they voted to dissolve Amelia. They had good reason."

   That is how the history of Amelia must read!


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