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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

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Do You Really Think They Care About You?
Dangerous Signs

   Folks the above was copied from the Village Of Amelia, Ohio - Ordinance O-2007-100. This wasn't created by the current council. It has been on the books a long time. As a matter of fact it was one of the thousands of ordinances connected to the Village that I was busted for about 30 years ago. Now I did not deliberately break the code but believe you me there is probably not one resident of Amelia who has not broken a code is not in current violation of a code. There are simply too many of them. If you don't believe me just stop in at the Amelia Library and take a look for yourself. Anyhow I was notified by the ordinance enforcer that my signs we illegal and I needed to take them down immediately. I asked why and was told what you have read in the narrative above. Now instead of getting mad I actually thought it was right on! So I did remove my signs! It is dangerous to put any sort of distraction on a highway as busy as 125. Now this happened late 70s, early 80s somewhere around in there so it isn't new.

   In case your interested the council who signed the latest ordinance, O-2007-100 was made up of Leroy Ellington, Angelo Mitchell, Molly Parker, Robert Tasch, Pam Troxell, and Harold Walters Jr, Now all these people, unless they didn't or couldn't read what they were signing, passed this ordinance. Ellington, Mitchell, Parker, Tasch and Troxell are still associated with the Village council or administration and Parker's husband was hired to be a clerk.

   If any of you haven't noticed the village council decided that they had some extremely important announcements to make to the citizens of Amelia some months ago and had erected just on the east side of Chapel two sign poles with a wire crossing over 125. It is within their prerogative to do so in the interest of passing important information to the citizens. It was and still is a disaster. I don't know who designed the sign project but they were incompetent beyond my ability to produce adjectives to describe it. The sign itself kept wrapping itself around the wire coming across 125. It was then modified by putting some sort of weights clinging to the bottom of the sign. That didn't work because it still was blown over the top. Not only that but some of the weights looked as if they fell off. At the least they were missing.

   You know how I knew we had an over the street sign problem? I would look out my front door window and see the traffic backed up. Only two reasons for this. Some sort of emergency, wreck, fire something like that. Or... the sign had melted down again and they had to have one of those trucks with the cherry-picker sitting in the middle of 125 trying to fix the darn thing again. I have no idea of what this stupid idea cost us in the first place and what the additional expenses amounted to for all the fixes and maybe I don't want to know. I am aggravated enough over the stupid thing anyway!

   I'm venting, sorry! My point is that this was a most dangerous sign by any standards. Smack dab across 125 at the busiest intersection in the village. Not just dangerous but you had to LOOK UP TO SEE IT! Think about that for a minute people.

   I wonder if anyone on that council stood up and said "we should consider this carefully. On one had we tell the citizens that they can't have any signs, unless of course they pay for them, because they are dangerous and then we turn around and install could be considered the most dangerous sign ever installed in the Village of Amelia. I don't think we should do this just to advertise our events." The answer to that is NO!

   But the real killer to me wasn't just the fact that it was the most dangerous sign erected in Amelia history, not by a citizen or a business or an organization but the village council and for what? The only information I ever saw on that sign was event information, parades and the like but the most aggravating was the Concert in the Park!

   Ellington and his E-Funk band's gig! Anyone know if they got paid for their "concert" in the park gig and if so how much?

   Utterly ridiculous! - "They gotta go now!!!"

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