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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

What Counts Is What We Save

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What Counts Is What We Save

   The threat-letter of August 11th. 2008 tried to use scare tactics by telling you what the ramifications are if we dissolve Amelia. There is not a single ramification stated in this hogwash. Except for the huge lies like #1 the 3 year Rumpke contract, and I mean huge to the tune of $600,000.00 debt they say we would have when in actuality it would be 0, zero, nil, none! Of course the 3 year contract was also a lie! And not paying too much attention to #12's unknown amount, what a joke, all the rest of the so-called ramifications we would have to pay anyway! They seem to think we are stupid trying to pull this hogwash over our eyes.

   On the other hand lets examine what we will save over the longest running debt we will have to pay. Now I am only looking at the false ramifications for this information and what it says is 10 years for Chapel re-alignment. So after we pay the last debt, if you can believe any of this, what will we have saved?

   Village Of Amelia, Ohio - Ordinance Number: O-2008-23 dated March 17th 2008. This ordinance provides for annual appropriations of Village funds for the fiscal year ending December 31,2008.

   Program Code (*1)                                                                         1st year                   10th year
1000-110 - Police/Law Enforcement
1000-210 - Health Contractual services
1000-310 - Leisure-Time Activities
                    Contractual Services (*2)
                    Supplies, Operations
1000-330 - Cultrual Activities-History
1000-420 - Community Planning/Zoning (*3)
1000-710 - Mayor, Admin. Offices
1000-715 - Legislative, Council
1000-720 - Mayors Court
1000-725 - Clerk-Treasurer
1000-730 - Lands, Bldgs,Parks
1000-735 - Boards,Commissions
1000-740 - County Fees, Charges
1000-750 - Solicitor
1000-790 - Other General Government
1000-910 - Transfers
1000-990 - Other Financing Uses (*4)
                   - Contingencies
2011-620 - Street Maintenance/Repair
2031-240 - Amelia Cemetery Fund
2042-320 - Groh Park Facilities
2081-110 - Police Operations Levy
2082-110 - Drug Law Enforcement Fund
2102-610 - Permissive Mtr. Vehicle Lic.
2271-110 - Indigent Drivers Fund
2402-110 - DUI Education Fund
2403-710 - Computer Fund


*1 - What you see are my interpretation of what will no longer be needed when we dissolve the Village. I believe that I am very close. There is one that bothers me. I left out the waste collection because we are going to pay that one way or another. What bothers me is that in the threat-letter of August 11th, 2008 and their biggest lie I have found to date, they state that the Rumpke contract is $200,000.00. We know this number is not true or accurate but is is close, not as far as the 3 year, another lie, debt is concerned, but it does come fairly close to the number that they authorized in Ordinance no.2007-74 dated September 17, 2007. This ordinance was good until the end of 2008. The amount was $229,709.00. This years Waste Collection Levy, Product code 2401-562 calls for $389.666.19, $371,666.19 being Contractual Services which I assume is Rumpke. How on earth can the cost go from $229,709.00 to $371,666.19 is such a short time! That is an increase of 161.8% and needs to be investigated.

*2 - Since this Product code is 1000-310 - Leisure-Time Activities and the mayor is associated with Leroy Ellington & The E-Funk Band which plays at the Concert In The Park, which I assume is what 1000-310 is used to pay. I believe it would be appropriate to see if Ellington makes any money from this Village event. I am not implying that there is any inappropriate activities associated with Ellington but it is prudent for the Village to make sure of these things.

*3 - 1000-420 - Community Planning/Zoning. The detail column shows $12,500 for Contractual services and $500.00 for Travel/Training. The total column shows that $12,500.00 plus $500.00 equals $12,500.00. One of the two have to be wrong. It is absolutely ridiculous to have this sort of error on the budget. I assume that the Mayor looked at this budget, the Adminstrator looked at this budget, the treasurer should have looked at this budget, the council should have looked at this budget, after all they passed it! What this means to me is that we have less than a "rookie" who creates these documents and a whole bunch of other people who could care less about the accuracy of what they do! This is disgusting! And to think that they actually want us to give them more!

*4 - 1000-990 - Other Financing Uses. I am not sure what this is but I included it anyway. It just seems to me that without the "administration" we wouldn't need it.

   Believe it or not I am tryimg to keep this as simple as possible. The above I think is understandable. I do want to make sure you understand that this is a savings forever not just 1 year or 10 years but FOREVER.

   If we add up all the other debt that they conceived to be "ramifications" the total would come to $2,521,500.00. But this amount is not necessairly going to have to be paid. We know we can't trust anything they say so just because they tell us we are going to have to pay all this money dosen't mean we will have to pay it. It is all in how the contract is written up. For example I have a contract with Cincinnati Bell for phone and long distance service. I get a special rate of $71.71 a month for the next 2 years. If I leave Cincinnati Bell for any reason at any time I have to pay them $200.00. It becomes up to the lawyers to figure it out. I don't not have to pay them $71.71 for the remaining months left on my contract. If that were the case I would owe then $1,290.78. Now anyone and I mean anyone who would sign a binding contract for 7 years that had to be paid regardless if the services were rendered or not is flat out stupip, the legal department that should be

   Remember the Village does have property that can be sold. I can't find any info of what the admin building and all that other stuff over there is worth or who even owns it but I did find that the Village owns property at 3607 Burnham Woods Dr., 2 properties on Oak Street, A property on Arrowhead dr, Grouse Dr., Mallard Dr. and Drake Dr. The county property tax office had no value on the Drake Dr. property but the rest were valued at $119,000.00. The village also owns 25 3/4 acres of property mostly in Pierce Township. I found acres for sale close to Amelia in Pierce Township for $20,000 per acre. The advertisement said it was a bargain and I believe it was. Anyhow the total value of the acres @ $20,000 would come to $515,000.00.

   Now I don't have the time or desire to go through all the stuff that could be auctioned off such as office equipment, furniture, et al And who knows what the property at 44 W, Main is worth. Certainly a fair amount with an office building, other out buidlings and a big parking lot. But if I just count the easy stuff comes to $643,900.00. Who knows? They certainly don't It seems unreasonable to me that if there is no village we would have to pay for services that we are not going to get, contract or no contract. Things we have purchased and are using are an entirely different matter and must be paid no questions asked. But except for the Fire/EMS contract and the Police Dispatch there isn't anything left that we can't pay for with the easy assets described above. The Fire-Police we going to pay anyway with levys so we are not even going to feel one iota of "cost pain" but rather a huge savings over our life times and our childrens life times of $1,671,367.03 a year forever! Throw the threat-letter and all the other hogwash they are sending you into the trash and sign up the petition to pitch them out too!!!   

Oh my, how could I possibility forget these facts.

No Village No Income tax!

No Village No Destruction of Old Amelia to build the Ellington/Menz Utopia!

Talk about icing on the savings cake!

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