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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

The Kind Of People They Are

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The Kind Of People They Are

   I can't speak about the lawyer lady because she really doesnít work for the Village as an employee. She is a hired professional. I was a hired professional myself from the mid sixties until I retired so I know that she is only doing the job she was hired to do and if I may say so at a very reasonable price. So leave her out of this.

I don't think Parker should be included in this conversation either. If I'm not mistaken he is an elected official and the latest salary information I can find is that he only makes $19,880.00 plus $3,000.00 in benefits. Not unreasonable at all.

   But the other two, Ellington and Menz, they are a different matter. I don't know what either one of them make individually but I do know that the mayor and the Admin. Offices make $101,400.00 in salaries and $45,400.00 in benefits. That is $146,800.00 and that is a lot of money when you consider that in 2006 it was only $58,382.93. Folks that is an increase of 251%. and if you believe it was necessary give me a call I got a bridge to sell you!

   Then their arrogance got the best of them. I don't believe for one minute that they ever intended to put the issue of the income tax on the ballot. Not for one second do I believe this. My opinion, for what it is worth, is that they assumed that just like everything else we would pay little or no attention to their actions. Our fault, absolutely. Because we didn't bother to take them to task for their actions. I'm just as much to blame as anyone else. We thought we still had Bob Groh! Who would have ever guessed that anything like what we have been infested with would ever destroy Old Amelia!

   They put their little signs up in the middle of all the other signs, you know, houses for sale, yard sale, missing kitten, income tax meeting. Tiny little signs. Compared to the Concert In The Park signs these were a pebble in a gravel quarry! They thought that the Concert In The Park was infinitely more important than imposing a tax on the already financially distressed citizens of Amelia. I don't think they ever put them on the stupid across 125 Concert promotion sign and I don't remember that it was ever on the big sign out in front of their lair. I could be wrong.

   Well enough people found out about it and went to the meeting. Ellington and Menz didn't expect that the amount of anger illustrated by most people attending. According to my son tempers were flaring and it almost end up in actual fighting. That shook the "A-funkers" up. They were used to being ignored. OUR FAULT! Then they decided that they could cover up their actions by just establishing the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC provided them options that would reduce the expenses to the point where the village wouldn't need the income tax. This only resulted in Ellington giving one of the most feeble excuses you can imagine not to follow ANY of the recommendations of the CAC. Well as you can imagine the unpaid members of the CAC who had spent countless hours of work on behalf of the citizens of Amelia in an attempt to provide ways and methods where the Village would not need to impose an income tax were to say the least upset with their rejection. NOT ONE SINGLE SUGGESTION WAS ACCEPTED!!! NOT ONE!!!

   I don't know what Ellington, Menz and the "A-funkers" thought would result from the recommendations of the CAC. It was probably something like they can't find a way to come up with enough money to cover our needs so don't worry about the CAC. After all nobody has ever questioned our "snatching all the jack" that we have managed to acquire over just the last few months! This is conjecture on my part folks but I do believe they had to be thinking something like this or they would NEVER have created the CAC in the first place.

   Some of the CAC leadership got together with other like-minded folks who lived in a certain area and decided that they should try to un-annex themselves from Amelia. By separating themselves from the Village at least they would not be taxed! That is when Curt Hartman became involved. Curt told this group of citizens that it just wasn't possible to un-annex yourselves. He told them that the only recourse was to dissolve the Village. So that is how all this started. That is when the "Amelia Residents for Fiscal Responsibility" group was formed and the petition to dissolve Amelia was created.

   Now it just so happens that one of the suggestions made by the CAC was to reduce the Village Administratorís, Menz, position to part time. I don't need to go any farther. Only a few short months ago we didn't need a full time adminstrator or a zoning whatever or 10 policemen or 4 public service worker or a salt barn or any of the extravagant expenditures Ellington and Menz and the "A-funkers" imposed on us. We were not paying attention!

   I remember the old days when Bob Groh was mayor. He was also the magistrate of the Mayor's court and I don't know what all. In those days the people we had served us! The current group feeds off of us just like vampires! I don't know when it started but it had to be after Bob Groh left because Bob was a decent, honest, humble man with great integrity unlike the "A-funk" crew that are now sloping it in at the public trough. I'm venting again, sorry. It is hard to keep your blood pressure down when the have to deal with the "A-funkers".

   Well what the Ellington and Menz did then after the shock of the citizens wanting to dissolve Amelia was to rapidly put together a threatening letter snd use Village funds to send it to all the residents of Amelia. The letter dated August 11th, 2008 and titled "RAMIFICATIONS OF DISSOLVING AMELIA VILLAGE". a bigger pack of lies, deceptions and feeble excuses was never before invented in Amelia, heck maybe not even in Ohio or the US or even the world!

   I am not exactly sure if the second town meeting was before or after the threat-letter of August 11th, 2008 but they, Ellington and Menz, did hold a second meeting. It went about the same way the first meeting went and by this time Ellington and Menz realized they were in serious trouble! They had awakened a sleeping giant and that giant was out to defend the Amelians against the "A-funkers".

   Then a second letter to the residents of Amelia was sent. Oddly enough I didn't get a copy of this one. I wonder why? This letter which I call the Cover up\excuse letter should have been directed to the trashcan where it belonged. It was pathetic. Ellington tried to blame anything and everything on someone else and continued with other lies and deceptions and it didn't work. I did notice that Menz did not have his name on this letter. His name was on the threat-letter so perhaps he was trying to distance himself from Ellington. I really don't know nor do I care.

   Let me apologize for taking so long to get to the point of this page, What Kind Of People Are They". The "A-funkers" could have easily covered the Runpke contract that time and time again they told the media and us was the primary reason for the income tax. If you believe that I still have a number of bridges left for sale. Another levy would have without a doubt been passed and we wouldn't be here today. Can anyone think of a reason why they didn't just do this? They are either massively stupid, an income tax over a levy, come on, or they have other plans for OUR money. Well we certainly know they have other plans because they are laid out on the Village website.

   Oops, getting off track again, sorry. So now they are running scared. They are looking at the fruits of their labor, or should I say schemes. The actual dissolving of the Village. So instead of being regretful for getting us to the situation we are in what do they do?

They are the kind of people that create situations like we find ourselves in today, take absolutely no responsibility for their actions, blame anyone and everyone associated with this mess but themselves, lie, threaten, use tax payer money to threaten the taxpayers, et al.

    It could take me a while to finish this list but I have much to do and must move on. Look at the above Ordinance dated August 11th, 2008. The very same day as the threat-letter! They couldn't even wait a day! The threat-letter and blood sucking both in the same day. WOW! Instead of trying to come up with a solution to the problem they have created themselves their top priority is to make sure that their fangs are still in good working order so our blood will keep flowing for as long as it possibly can.

    Well after all, that is the kind of people they are.


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