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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

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Why Read The Media

First you get some feeling for the timeline of all this activity. You can begin to the the actions that take place and the reactions to the actions. For example:

   The Village powers to be hold public meetings to go over the proposed income tax.

   The public reacts by getting out a petition to put the decision of the income tax on the ballot.

   The council reacts by creating a Citizens Advisory Council to and I quote Mr. Ellington as saying "In May of 2008, Council created a committee-made up of vocal critics of the income tax--to examine the Village financial records and to assist Council in uncovering ways to avoid the imposition of an income tax."

   The CAC does an excellent job and gives a report to the council with their recommendations.

   The council totally ignores the CAC recommendations.

   A group known as the Amelia Residents for Fiscal Responsibility (ARFR) is then formed.

   At first the ARFR just wants to un-annex itself from Amelia. They seek the advice of a lawyer, Curt Hartman, who advises them that they cannot un-annex themselves. Their only recourse is to dissolve the Village.

   The ARFR decides that if that dissolution is the only recourse so they must do it.

   The ARFR then creates a petiton to dissolve Amelia, sets up a web site to pass along information and begins to circulate the petition.

   Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz react violently by sending out a threat-letter so full of inaccuracies and falsehoods that it got me involved!

   I'm going to stop here and just say that if you read all the media you can see how this evolved to where we are at today, the statements made by Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz to the media that seem to be not so honest excuses for what they did and how the citizens reacted to the articles! You will find the public reaction very very interesting!

   The media section is a work in progress so check back from time to time as I uncover nore information.

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