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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

My View Of The Village Adminstration

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My View Of The Village Adminstration

   When we first moved to Amelia I went to a fair amount of council meetings. We were a small village in those days and if I remember correctly there were about 300 Amelians. When Quail Creek came about I guess it was annexed and the Council changed fairly dramaticly. Instead of people who had been neighbors for years council suddenly filled up with new people from Quail Creek and other places the village annexed. There were a lot of strangers in town!

   The last meeting I ever attended was headed by a new mayor whose name was the same name as the guy who owned the hardware store. I didn't vote that year but I, as well as many others, figured the only reason this new mayor was elected was because most of the voters thought he was the guy who owned the hardware store and we all knew, liked and trusted him! It was a joke amongst us old Amelians for years. I was actually a little shocked when I got to the meeting and it was not the hardware store guy!

   It has been a lot of years and I can't remember exactly why I went to this meeting but it was something specific. I just can't remember what. Anyhow I do remember this. The first thing the new mayor brought up was that the village secretary needed a raise because he was having to work to much overtime. Apparently the old secretary, a women, had been replaced by a new secretary, a man. Well I was never known to be shy so I raised my hand and the new mayor gave me the floor, In those days we citizens could do that, ask questions or state opinions during the council meetings. I simply asked "is the new secretary qualified to do the job?". No answer. I still had the floor. "if we knew the qualifications of the new secretary perhaps we would back your request. Can the new secretary type?" No answer. "does the new secretary have any office skills such as filing, answering the phone, etc, etc, etc?" No answer. The village police officer, we just had one in those days, who was sitting ot my right whispered to me "he is the mayor's nephew" and I knew why I was getting no answer and why the kid, he was a very young kid, got the job in the first place, and why uncle new mayor wanted to give him more money instead of firing him because he was incompetant and getting our old secretary back were she belonged. Yes politics in Amelia certainly were changing. I just shut up and sat down because I knew I was wasteing my breath.

   Actually the only reason I stayed was whatever I came for was still to come. But then the council got into a discussion about hiring a PR man so they would not have to take so many questions from the citizens. PR is a short term for Public Relations. Well I could not believ what I was hearing. One of these jerks actual made a motion to hire a PR man so he wouldn't have to answer so many questions from the citizens. Boy was I getting hot! Then came the straw that broke the camel's back. This ass volunteered to be the PR man! Can you believe it! I couldn't. I got up and began a venting that probably shook him until he wet his pants. I can't repeat what I said but it wasn't complimentary for sure! I had to leave before I did something I would have regreted. I later found out that the council put in place a rule that noone othe than council members could speak or ask questions and if any citizen wanted to ask a question he could do so before of after the meeting but not during the meeting. So much for council, I never went back. It would just be a waste of my time. Politics in Amelia became just that, politics.

   As far as I was concerned, at least until recently, they could do whatever there petty little notions of their importance called them to do.

   That may well have been a mistake because they have now reached a level of absurdity unmatched by any prior adminstration and have brought the Village to the point of dissolution!

   But in many ways the current state of the council reminds me of the story I told you above. In 2006 our expenditures for the mayor's adminstration office was $58,382.98. Mr. Menz I believe was the mayor at the time. I can't say what personel we had for the $58, 382.98 but I can tell you that the mayor's adminstration office in 2008 is spending $146,800.00. That is a huge increase! Huge! I can also tell you that the mayor who did this was Mr. Menz who took the job for himself. Mr. Ellington ran for mayor in 2007 and won by 3 votes! According to Google Leroy Ellington is the Leroy Ellington of the "Leroy Ellington & The E-Funk Band!" The Village of Amelia is one of their listed clients. We absolutely know he certainly isn't qualified to be a real mayor.

   Between Ellington and Menz the Village is headed for backruptcy if we don't stop them and like it or not we can't impeach Ellington or fire Menz. We must dissolve the village to insure that people like those currently in charge can never put us in this position ever again!



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