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Personal Attacks?

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Personal Attacks?

   Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz seem to feel that they are being attacked on a personal level by those of us who oppose them. In the cover up/excuse letter of early September Mr. Ellington opens the letter by saying "Over the past few months, much has been said by people outside this Council as to Council's intentions and decisions. These statements have ranged from mearly inaccurate to viciously insulting."

   Hogwash! If Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz would be consistant about what they say and honest about their intentions there wouldn't be any so-called personal attacks! They stated many times especially to the media that the primary reason for the imposition of the income tax was to cover the expenses of a new Rumpke contract. All they had to do was to put the Rumpke contract on another levy, it would have been passed, and nothing would have happened. There are simply too many inconsistancies and obvious falsehoods concerning their behavior and their reactions to what the people opposed to them are trying to accomplish to call all this hoopla "personal attacks".

   Even the opening paragraph of the cover up/excuse letter as seen above is an example of what I mean. "These statements have ranged from mearly inaccurate to viciously insulting." Come on Mr. Ellington, to classify all the statements that the CAC has made and the ACFR has made and individual citizens such as myself have made is ABSURD! I defy you to tell me anything that is inaccurate and anything that is viciously insulting that is on this web site!!!

   How could any of what I say here possibly be personal. I don't know any of you in person. I've never met any of you, seen any of you, talked to any of you, etc. I haven't called you names or attacked you on a personal level in any manner what so ever. I have judged you by your actions. I have met with members of ARFR and I haven't heard any personal attacks targeted against you from them either. That does not mean that it hasen't happened just that I haven't been around if it did happen. But one thing I know - For you to categorize every statement made toward you as "mearly inaccurate or viciously insulting" is I repeat ABSURD!


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