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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

The Real Reason For The Income Tax

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The Real Reason For The Income Tax

   The real reason Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz want this income tax has nothing to do with the Runpke contract whatsoever. We know this without a doubt and no matter how many times they tell the media and try to fake us out with all their diatribe about the Rumpke contract being the primary reason for the income tax it is a bunch of hogwash. An out and out lie. They know full well that we have always passed the waste collection levy and we would again! The real reason is in the records that are available on the Village web site if you have patience enough to look at all the pages regardless of how they are titled.

   You can see for yourself by clicking here. Look at the Village Center Urban Design, the Village Center View, the Village Parkway 1,2 and 3. These will inform you immediately why they want the income tax! And they really don't care about the fact that this will destroy what is left of old Amelia! Old Amelia will be all gone!!!

   And don't think all this is free either. Click here to see the cost of this utopian plan.

   Talk about ramifications! Well at least I know what they are!


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