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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

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Who Am I?

   If your going to read the opinions I express in this site I think it is important to know who I am. I do not pay to much attention to those involved in disputes who do not have enough conviction to identify themselves. I do understand that there can be severe ramifications for disagreeing with the authorities but I will cover my experiences with disagreements with the authorities on another page.

   My family has a long rich history of living on the East side of Cincinnati going back to the early-mid 1800's. Amelia, Hamlet, Sweetwine, Bethel, Felicity, Stringtown, Georgetown, Ripley, you name it and one of my ancesters probably lived or worked there at one time. My wife and I have lived here in Amelia for 43 years. Two of our three children were born here. Our oldest was 1 year old when we moved here. They went to Amelia Elementary School and graduated from Amelia High School. In other words they only remember Amelia as being their home.

   We believe we have been good citizens. We have always helped anyone in need, given of our treasure to those less fortunate, helped people broken down on the highway, assisted the police in any manner we could when wrecks happened close to our house. We took care of our neighbor lady, Mrs. Homan, after her husband died. We took care of hundreds of animals that came our way and in my younger days we used our "barn" ad an animal hospital. We still take care of animals in need. I even helped run down a knife welding man who tried to rob Hartman's drug store located where Luke's is today. We were active in our children's school activites, we donated our time and treasure to school organizations such as the Amelia High School Marching Band who we acted as chaperones for over ten years. Among other things we donated a number of instruments to the music department, a trailer for the marching band and built the marching band a thirty foot tower on ther practice field. The tower cost us close to $5,000.00. During the year we would buy toys we found on sale and at Christmas time we would wrap them all and take bags full of them up to Amelia Elementary and they would pass them out to the needy. Each year we had hundreds of toys and it would take me, my wife and our three kids about a week to do it. This is enough, I think you get the picure.

   We have been good neighbors and good citizens.

   After my mother divorced she and my brother moved into our house at 27 W Main Street. My brother eventually married and moved to New York. My mother lived with us and died in her bed on the second floor of our house. My brother's marriage didn't last and he and his wife divorced but he stayed in New York until he suffered a stroke and could not take care of himself. My wife and I had already purchased the house at 25 W Main so he had a place to live when I brought him home from New York. The reason we bought the house in the first place might interest you. Our neighbor and dear friend Mrs. Homan finally had to leave. After she was gone the house was rented to a gang of drug dealers and thieves. They had several viscious guard dogs and were constantly having pot parties out in the back yard. I complained to the authorites constantly for several years about their activities but to no avail. I finally purchased a shot gun so I could protect my family including 3 small children and we seldom even ventured into our back yard. Finally Federal Authorites came in and took them out. I believe they arrested 30 some odd people for drugs and a stolen motor cycle ring. We finally had some peace. My wife and I discussed the issue and decided we should try to buy the house so that what happened could not happen again. We bought the house. My brother eventually died of another stroke in the front room of the house at 25 W Main.

   A few years back my wife's dad had a stroke. We converted our front room into a hospital room and I volunteered to take care of "pop" until he passed away some six months later.

   In our back yard we have an animal cemetary.that contains the remains of around 100 animals who died here, many our dear friends. If their plans go through this sacred ground will be turned into a parking lot!

   I had some college education but did not graduate. I am a disabled American Veteran. I worked in data processing as a computer programmer and systems analyst from the time I was 18 and still do pro-bono web site work for friends and former clients. I did a lot of pro-bono work for small businesses who could not afford the high priced experts. From 1964 until I retired from the business world several years ago I was self employed and I worked all over the world. I am 67 years old, I have converted into a card carrying pacifist, I have been arrested for civil disobedience and expect to be arrested again for civil disobedience. I am a Christian but I respect and honor all religions. I have no bias against any faith, sexual preference or race. I have grandchildren with Native American blood as well as African American blood.

   Now don't confuse my being a pacifist with weakness. I have spent decades working for peace and justice and still spend much of my time continuing the fight for peace and justice. So don't go thinking that I am a hypocrite for "attacking" the current administration while telling everyone I am a pacifist. I am not "attacking" anyone. I am simply recording the facts as I see them in an attempt to get at the truth. I believe they are liars and I believe they are only doing these things in their own best interest, My fight is for justice. I will pray for them each day.

   If you have any other questions about me just ask, My email is or stop in for a visit.

May Grace be with you and yours,

Blessed Are The PeaceMakers

John Michael Toren

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