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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia


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   Some of you may be wondering about the name attached to the domain name of this web site, Well I am not trying to trap or deceive anyone. I believe the only way to save any remnants of old Amelia, beside the grand old building that was moved from it's original location down to nowhere land where it will never be seen, is to dissolve the Village of Amelia. I think that if you take the time to read the information in this site you will understand why I believe this and perhaps you will agree with me. Thanks for coming by and I hope you enjoy your visit. - John Micheal Toren

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Ramifications, What Are They?

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Ramifications Of Dissolving Amelia Village
or threat-letter of August 11th, 2008

An Important Message Regarding the Earnings Tax
or the cover up/excuse-letter September, 2008

Heads Up, More Debt Coming Your Way!

The Real Reason For The Income Tax!

Another Possibility For The Income Tax

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Request For Retraction, Amelia might disappear, Sunday, August 10, 2008, By Barrett J. Brunsman

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(from the threat-letter of 8/11)

Personal Attacks?

I'm Tired Of The Services Excuse

Dissolve Amelia To Save Amelia

Bad Report Cards

September 23rd, 2008

Visitors to this web site should be aware that this is where the gloves have to come off. Up until now I have shown a reasonable amount of courtesy and respect for the people I oppose mostly Ellington and Menz who certainly are the primary conspirators in this attempt to destroy Old Amelia. Previously I referred to them as Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz and tried to be as tactful as possible in presenting the evidence of lies, threats and deceptions that I have uncovered to date. If nothing else then respect for the office an old school concept that I was taught as a kid. Well from what I have seen and discovered Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz deserve our contempt not our respect. And as far as respecting the position well I decided that any "position" that had any responsibility in the kind of things that have happened in Amelia over the last several years did not deserve respect but rather dissolution. So folks the gloves came off today. No more Mr. no more respect, no more being polite. It is very sad but very necessary and well deserved by these, oops I almost said leeches, sorry. Leeches perform functions with value to some humans and other creatures whereas the aforementioned have no value what so ever to Amelia and those of us who live here, at least for now!

John Michael Toren

Proof Of The Rumpke Debt Lie

Do You Really Think They Care About You?
Dangerous Signs

The Lies Keep Getting Bigger!

Is It Legal?

What Counts Is What We Save

The Kind Of People They Are

Under Investigation

Public Notice Posting - September 29th, 2008

Questions For The Village - Updated 10/27/2008

The Mitchell Incident - Updated 10/22/2008

Public Posting Mess - Posted 10/23/2008

   All the links above are basically directed to the current adminstration of this Village. Following these next few statements are observations I have personally experienced myself. I certainly am not trying to judge the blue collar workers such as our Public Services Department but you must realize that by being in a Township rather that a Village we would have bigger and better public services simply because there is more money, equipment and employess available to do the job than we can expect from so few. They have given you an impossible job to do and I would hope that when we dissolve this Village you may be able to catch on with the Townships Public Service Departments.

   As far as the Police Department is concerned I am really in a quandary. I have a huge amount of respect for those folks who protect and serve us. Read this little story if you will and you can see that I am quite sincere when I say this, just click this line.

   You see as far as our Police Department is concerned it is a ghost to me. I seldom see any of you on Main Street. We have no traffic control on Main Street. We are told by Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz that you will respond to 4,000 service calls this year but at the same time they say they are proud of your Department because we have little or no crime. I do not understand how a Police Department can have 4,000 calls and yet have a very low crime rate. Of course I have lived here 43 years and as far as I can tell we have never had a very high crime rate. Things Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz say just don't make much sense to me. I have written some articles below. Please believe me when I say I not intending any disrespect to our Law Enforcement Officers, I just don't understand what you do!

   One last word of advice for those who work for the Village. We know that none of this is your fault. So far it would seem that as far as you workers are concerned you are still doing the jobs assigned to you by the current village authorities. Please, please understand that the people running the village attacked us with this income tax! They didn't need this for the Rumpke contract as they say they did! Any waste collection levy certainly would have been passed. We do not blame you! They lied! We tried to get the income tax on the ballot. They say that was their intention all the time! We don't believe that! We made recommendations to them and they ignored EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! They threatened us with an ignorant ramifications letter! It made us even madder! They failed to take responsibility for their own actions! They threatened us some more! We got madder and finally responded the only way we could find to rid ourselves of these people! Dissolve Amelia! They responded by increasing our debt with one year employment contracts! At least thats what I have been told. I have not these contracts myself. I certainly don't believe they did it for you but rather somehow for themselves. Not that it bothers me. When we dissolve the Village I hope that those of you that do not leave before hand will at least have a year to find other employment with a years salary. And I think that I speak for all of us who oppose them that I pray that every one of you is able to find employment within that year. Well I'm here to tell you that Amelia Village will be gone soon and it is unfortunate but their irresponsibllity has also cost you your jobs. But blame the people responsible, the Mayor, the Adminstrator and the Council! Leave your jobs with dignity and our respect by keeping an arms length away from them and please do not get yourselves involved in the "strong arm tactics" that seem to be the next and last phase of their defense! Keep in mind that every time they have stuck us a blow we have struck back with a bigger blow! Amelia will be gone! Leave with pride and dignity, please!

Public Works Road Improvements, Main Street

Traffic Control

Memorial Day Parade - 2008

American Flag, Shame On You!

MIA Flag, Shame On You!

Questions For Mr. Ellington And Mr. Menz


About this Web Site

   When I first heard of the tax that the Council wanted to impose I was angry. I saw no need to tax us even more than we already were being taxed. I did not go to the meetings because I have been to council meetings in the past and they did what they wanted to regardless of public sentiment. To me it would just be a waste of time. But out of no where came a letter from Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz discribing the "RAMIFICATIONS OF DISSOLVING AMELIA VILLAGE" and after reading it I realized that we no longer had a Village Council that acted in the best interest of we residents of Amelia. You see I remember the Mayor Robert Groh era. I never agreed with some of what Mr. Groh did but that's true of everybody. What I did know is that Bob was a humble, honest, honorable man with great integrity. The Bob Grohs are gone. They have been replaced with those who would destroy what is left of Amelia and replace it with some dreamland city with trees growing down the middle of the streets, a new and expanded downtown with a new town hall, a parkway around Main Street and many other ridiculous ideas that I would call a "pipe dream". What I can't figure out is why. There are so many things about these plans that do not make any sense at all. There appears to be many inaccuracies, falsehood, and just simply incompetant behavior that you have to wonder what in the world are these people up too?

   I have read that Mr. Ellington considers some of what is happening as a "personal attack" against him. The personal attacks are not against Mr. Ellington and his group they are against we citizens! I don't know Mr. Ellington, Mr. Menz, any of the council, or any of the other people employed by the Village. I only see the results of what they claim to be great services and I must assume that they do not even know what adequate or good services are let alone great.

   I do not believe that they will listen to anything we have to say, and I think by the looks of their future plans, they must generate more revenue to build their utopia. We will be taxed sooner or later. Remember that they can impose the tax the day after we vote it down and I suspect they will do so soon after.

   My response to what they are doing is contained in this web site. I think it will provide you with some information that you need to know about their activities. If anyone finds any of the facts that I state here to be inaccurate please let me know and if you are correct I will apologize and correct these errors immediately.

   To the left at the top is a menu of items of importance. Use these links to navigate around this site and feel free to make any comments or suggestions. However, please provide an email address so I can verify who you are. Without an email address I will ignore whatever feedback you send. I will also not tolorate any personal attacks against anyone, period!

   I am not going to make this one sided either. I have a lot of questions for Mr. Ellington, Mr. Menz and the council. I intend to put these questions on a page in this web site and send them this Question Page. They can respond if they so choose. I quote them from their letter of August 11th. "We strongly urge residents to read the attached material and to ask questions about the financial and other ramifications of dissolving our Village before signing the petition being circulated. We are available to answer any questions you may have."

   Well I guess we will soon find out it they really meant that, eh?


Ramifications, What Are They?

   I think it is important to understand what Mr. Ellington and Mr. Menz are trying to do. I have already called their letter of August 11th a threat-letter and I'll tell you why. The threat-letter was titled "RAMIFICATIONS OF DISSOLVING AMELIA VILLAGE" . Let's examine the meaning of the word "RAMIFICATIONS" according to the Merriam-Webster OnLine Dictionary.

Main Entry: ram·i·fi·ca·tion
Pronunciation: "ra-m&-f&-'kA-sh&n
Function: noun
Date: 1665
1 a : BRANCH, OFFSHOOT b : a branched structure
2 a : the act or process of branching b : arrangement of branches (as on a plant)

   We are not talking about trees and plants so that leaves out #1. #2 again refers to plants which do not enter into the conversation. That leaves us with number 3, consequence. In other words the title could have read "Consequences of dissolving Amelia Village". The use of the word ramifications or consequences therefore means the entire letter was an attempt to scare people into thinking "if we dissolve Amelia all these 'bad' things are going to happen" and that dear friends is simply a LIE!

   Keep in mind that all those 'bad' things are going to happen with or without a village. And they are not necessairly 'bad' either making it a bigger lie.

   The ramifications of NOT DISSOLVING the Village are more of the same. Just because we vote the income tax down does not mean they cannot turn right around and impose it in spite of the defeat! They have us in massive debt already and have plans to expand that debt far beyond what you can imagine! The only way to stop this insanity is to get rid of them for good!


Amelia Village provides the following services;

FIRE/EMS SERVICES; First off the Village of Amelia dosen't provide any FIRE/EMS services! The Union TWP Fire/EMS Department provides the services and they are paid for by a levy that you vote on and you pay for. To claim that Amelia Village provides these services is a lie. What they do is choose where to spend your money and they do not do a very good job of that. See opinions for more information on this subject.


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