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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

We will have to continue to pay for parades that are not observed.

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Parade, Memorial Day - 2008

   It is with great sadness that I post this because my family has a long history going back to the Civil War of defending and serving their county. A great great uncle from the Union Army in the Civil War is buried in Georgia and in World War II we lost 2 family members fighting in the Philipines. I myself, am a Disabled American Veteran who also served his country so believe me when I say it gives me no pleasure to show there pictures. Having said that, one must remember that this parade causes traffic problems, uses tax payer resources and ties up fire department and police department personnel and equipment. And unfortunately we will continue to expend our limited resources on these usless parades.

   I do believe we should remember our veterans but we could have a ceremony at a location, perhaps one of the cemetaries or the municipal building, and honor our veterans in this manner without the risk or expense of a parade that no one attends..

   If you look at these pictures you can easily see there are NO OBSERVERS for this parade.


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