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Members At large, Elected Or Appointed

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Members At large, Elected Or Appointed

   The following email was sent to Ellington on 10/10/2008.

   Mayor Ellington:

   First let me thank you for your rapid response to a question I sent you a week or so ago concerning the ordinances not being posted on the Village website. They were posted only a day or 2 after I asked about them. Again, thanks. I have a few other questions.

   While reviewing information on the Village Web Site I couldn't help but notice a number of positions with what was called Member at Large. David Woessner, Melita Ellington, Michelle Balside, and John Wainscott being some of the names I saw.

   What does Member at Large mean?

   Were the above people elected or appointed?

   If they were appointed who or what appoints them?

   Is there a process for selecting the "at large" members and can anyone apply?

Thanks ahead of time

John M Toren
Amelia Resident, 43 years

Photo of email sent on 10/10/2008

   I did not receive a response for this question and since the Village emails may have been compromised I decided to send it again on October 24th, 2008.

I received the following response the same day.


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