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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

Confusion About Threat Letter Paragraph 3, ORC - 703.20

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Confusion About Threat Letter Paragraph 3, ORC - 703.20

   The following email was sent to Ellington on 10/27/2008.

   Mayor Ellington:

   In the Ramifications letter of August 11th, 2008 paragraph 3 states that:

   According to Section 703.20 of the Ohio Revised Code, the dissolution of villages in Ohio "does not affect vested rights or accrued liabilities of the village, or the power to settle claims, dispose of property, or levy and collect taxes to pay existing obligations."

   I wanted to check what else Section 703.20 had to say but when I looked it up, (click for ORC 703.20), it read as follows:

   703.20 Surrender of corporate power by villages.

   Villages may surrender their corporate powers upon the petition to the legislative authority of the village of at least forty per cent of the electors thereof, to be determined by the number voting at the last regular municipal election, and by an affirmative vote of a majority of such electors at a special election, which shall be provided for by the legislative authority, and conducted, canvassed, and the result certified and made known as at regular municipal elections. If the result of the election is in favor of such surrender, the village clerk shall certify the result to the secretary of state and the county recorder, who shall record it in their respective offices, and thereupon the corporate powers of such village shall cease.

   Effective Date: 10-01-1953

   This looks nothing like what was stated in your letter. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Or, if by some chance you have the wrong Section could you please send me the correct Section?

Thanks ahead of time
John M Toren
Amelia Resident, 43 years

I received this response on 10/28/2008



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