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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

Amelia's Traffic Control

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   Welcome to Amelia's traffic control center. This picture displays the traffic control center and as you can see, if you can see it, it would appear to be sufficient to stop speeding on one of the most important 50 yard stretches of the streets of Amelia.

   It's really not funny folks. The "rumble strip" that you can barely see consists of 6 or 7 white strips on the entrance lane to Amelia. Like much of the other sidewalks and roads it has not been maintained at all. Not that we need it to be maintained. I would guess there are less than 5 people a day that actually walk up that street. Just a guess but I have walked it many times an have never seen anyone!

I don't know about all you other folks that live in this Village but I do know on Main Street there IS NO TRAFFIC CONTROL! You take your life in your own hands if you walk these streets and NEVER STEP OUT INTO A CROSSWALK UNLESS YOU ARE CERTAIN THAT ALL TRAFFIC HAS STOPPED! AND I DON"T MEAN TRAFFIC THAT IS CLOSE I MEAN ANY TRAFFIC THAT IS VISIBLE TO YOU ON BOTH SIDES!


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