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Ramifications Of Not Dissolving Amelia

Duke Energy Debt

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Duke Energy Debt

Using the following form:

I sent the following email:

Hello - I am not sure I am in the correct place so if this isn't where I should be directing this question please let me know where to send it.

The village council has spoken the following in your behalf:

"Furthermore, if our Village is dissolved, the current contracts with Duke Energy for streetlights will, according to Duke Energy, no longer be billed at the municipal rate of $37,000.00 per year. The Village streetlights may be shut off "and" billed to each property owner directly or the homeowners may form a private lighting district at the private lighting district rate of nearly $114,300.00 per year. This bill will be paid directly by individual residents."

Myself and I believe hundreds of our residents who signed the petition to dissolve Amelia would like to know:

First if anything in the above came from Duke Energy as they say it did?

Second: Are you going to shut off the lights and bill use directly as they imply you will?

Third: do we even have to keep the lights we didn't order in the first place.

Fourth: What exactly is your policy when customers go out of business?

Fifth: Do we have to form private lighting districts in order to get service?

Maybe you can tell me exactly what will happen?

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.

John Michael Toren

When I clicked Submit I received the following:

On 09/27/2008 I received the following response:



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