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Apologies to the Union Township Fire/EMS Department

   I had posted a page on the old format site that had statements that were simply wrong!

   I had a discussion with Assistant Chief Gary Aufrt concerning some questions about a report I had asked for because I did not understand some of the methods and abbreviations that they use on the form. During the course of the conversation he brought to my attention that the EMS run for my son a few weeks ago was not 15 to 20 minutes but about 8. I was a little suprised that he had the information that we believed that it was 15 to 20 minutes but there are a lot of ways that this information could have gotten around. He read me the log and gave me the times and sequences. There was no question in my mind that this was the truth.

   I told him that I had not made this public as yet because I never posted things that I could not prove.

   I really do not know how Assistant Chief Aufrt kept his cool!

   Today I am trying to finish the new format of the website and as I am going through the pages one at a time converting them I open a page that says some pretty harsh things about the Union Township Fire Department that the records provided to me proved to be wrong!

   Now I do not deserve to be believed but I did not remember that I had posted this and I did something that I used to be able to say that I never do and that is post without proof.

   There are no words that can express my regret in doing this and I owe an apology to every firefighter and EMS worker on the Union Township Fire Department.

   I want everyone who read that page to know that the Union Township Fire Department has a run time of less than 5 minutes for both fires and EMS runs which is outstanding! My opinion of their services and my respect for them has been changed since this incident happened and I thank them for their service.


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