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The Rumpke Debt On The Letter Of August 11th,2008

   It was pretty early in the game for me when I started looking into this debt list in the RAMIFICATIONS letter of August 11th. I didn't have any idea about the Advisory Committee, The Citizens For Fiscal Responsibility or anyone that was actually involved with dissolving Amelia and I still felt like we should not dissolve the village.

   This sounds a little silly but I was getting the information from my wife who has a card party once a month with some of the gals who live in and around Amelia. One of these ladies who had some contacts would tell my wife the latest and she would pass t along to me! At first I thought most of the information was just rumors and I didn't pay much attention until she came home one day and told me that, Sadie, not her real name, was one of the people trying to dissolve Amelia. Now I have known Sadie for decades and have great respect for her. I told myself "if Sadie is involved there must be something to this" so I visited Sadie and was told a lot of things about the village administration that I have to admit were hard to believe. How Menz got his job was one of them! Whew!

   Well I beagn to seriously look at the ramifications and started with ramification "1, $200,000.00 per year for 3 years to pay for the existing Waste Collection contract with Rumpke". It goes on to say some other garbage only added to scare people so I will not waste my time on that.

   Now if you multiply $200,000.00 times 3 you come up with $600,000.00 so you think, "WOW thas a lot of money I am going to have to pay if we dissolve the village". Don't you think that is what it means?

   Well folks it is true that we did have a three year contact with Runpke. What they left out was that the contract was due to expire on December 31st, 2008, 4 months from the date of the letter. In actuality we had no debt because the waste costs were on a levy that we passed almost 3 years ago and the money is collected when we pay our property taxes. That is how it works. Not only that but the way they collect the taxes there was enough money still coming in from the levy to pay a goodly portion of 2009.

   So there was no debt at all!

   Now you tell me. What would you call this?

   PLEASE LISTEN! Everyone from the Mayor to the council, at least the ones that were there at the time, knew this was not true! They had to, they did it! I have asked for public records proving this statement to be true! I have not received any as yet. I have talked to an individual who works for the village and asked for proof of this statement! No proof has been goven! THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN AN ATTEMPT TO SCARE PEOPLE INTO NOT DISSOLVING AMELIA! Even if the person who wrote this was just mistaken IT IS STILL AT LEAST A DECEPTION because Ellington and Menz where there at the time and they knew! They had to know and they let it pass!

   I do know one thing. If we dissolve the Village we will never be deceived again or be threatend again by the likes of what we are putting up with at 44 W Main Street!


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