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The Income Tax Is Not Going Away!

   Friends, neighbors and fellow Amelians the income tax is NOT going to go away. Just because they took it off the ballot means nothing. When we rose up with our most powerful voices and said NO they knew they couldn't win so they took it off. The Community Journal November 26th, 2008 states Ellington. "now is not the time to put the issue on the ballot", Ellington continues "Also looking at the recent election results it appears that almost no new tax levies passed", The article goes on to state "Ellington reaffirmed his view that an earnings tax would be the best hope for the villages financial situation."

   Does that sound like the tax is going away? Do you know that there are villages that have as much as 3 to 5% in OHIO! Do you believe they are going to stop at 1%? What you need to do is look at their Projected Capital Improvement plans that not only destroys a goodly section of old Amelia but are going to cost you $459,270 a year for the next 20 years! Fellow residents that comes to $9,185,400 just for this plan! And ladies and gentlemen that does not include the costs for the people they are going to have to hire just to run the place, take care of the tree lane, repair the additional roads, and on and on and on. Its endless!


   Now if you were unhappy with the 1.1% income tax alledgedly needed for the Rumpke contract which was simply not true what can you possibly think now! Folks THIS IS REAL! The date is for year 2008. The costs per year are $459,270.00! This is accrued for 20 years! WE WILL HAVE THIS DEBT FOR 20 YEARS and will have to pay for the upkeep! PLEASE LISTEN!

   KEEP THIS IN MIND! When you are listening to Ellington or Menz you are listening to the people who created and expanded whatever debt we have by hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. The entire council are just as guilty! They created unnessary debts and expected us to pay for them!

   I do know one thing! If we dissolve this village the problem disappears!


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