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What Is A Ramification?

   When I received the letter of August 11th, 2008 from the Administration I had not yet joined in the campaign to dissolve this village. I certainly did not want any more taxes but I also did not want to dissolve the village where my family and I have spent the last 43 years. When I read the title of the letter, RAMIFICATIONS OF DISSOLVING THE VILLAGE OF AMELIA, and began to read the detail something disturbered me immediately! It was the use of the word ramifications.

   Now to me, and I think the dictionary will agree with me, ramifications mean consequences. In other words if you make a decision to drive your car over a thousand foot cliff the ramifications are that you will be killed. Well in this case if you choose to dissolve the village you will have all this debt. But just as if you choose not to drive over the cliff and not be killed if you do not dissolve the village you will not have the debt! That would be a ramification! But we all know that it does not matter if we dissolve or not we will still have the debt! So none of these, what I came to call threats to scare people into not dissolving Amelia, are ramifications at all but simply statements of the debts

   So ramifications mean that if you do something like dissolving Amelia you will have this debt but if you don't dissolve Amelia you will not have this debt!

   At best this is a poor choice of words and certainly deceptive. At this point I decided to analize the rest of the letter. I soon discovered that this was not the only deception. It gets a lot worse!


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