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The $3,700,00.00 Debt According to Menz

   I have worked and worked to get to the real debt. We absolutely know that it was not 3.7 million. Now this amount is public information and can be found most recently in the Community Journal December 16, 2008. I have been frustrated since September of last year because no matter what I did I received no adequate response. Finally I submitted a public information request asking for all records pertaining to the alledged debt of 3.7 million. I have received most of them but I have been told that the Village does not have all the contracts, whew, and must go to the contractor to get them and that will take some time. Well just like debt number 12, an unknown amount, whew, we will just have to try to calculate the debt without them.

   Now when I got the requests back there was a letter from Menz and I quote "I have discussed this matter with the Mayor, and neither he nor I were interviewed for the Enquirer article. The letter the village sent last year included a rough estimate of $2.7 million in Villages expenses, including outstanding debt, contractual obligations and outstanding lease payments as of that date. Perhaps, the $3.7 million figure cited by the enquirer was mearly a misprint figure."

   I did not ask for this information from Menz he just included it. But as I usually do I like to verify things so I went back to all the copies of the newspaper articles I kept since last year because I don't remember seeing $2.7 million anyhwere. Even Ellington in a recent email to me stated that the letter of August 11th said $2.9 million. If there is a $2.9 million reference in the letter I could not find it. There is a reference to $2.99 million but that was for fire related debts, not the total. Of course the 2.9 million comes nowhere near what the first page states but I will deal with that later! The following is a list of newspaper articles and what they state:

Enquirer, February 17th, 2008 - $3.7 million,Ellington
Enquirer, December 16th, 2008 - $3.7 million,Village officials
Enquirer, August 15th, 2008 - $3.45 million, Ellington & Menz*
Enquirer, August 22, 2008 - $3.7 million, Ellington
Enquirer, August 27, 2008 - $3.7 million, Ellington

* from a copy of the ramifications letter that both Ellington and Menz endorsed.

   Now I have read and re-read the letter dozens of times over the last 6 months and I am reading it AGAIN RIGHT NOW! I cannot for the life of me find any reference to $2.7 million that Menz refers to in the letter he sent me. There is $2.99 million in fire releated debts, there is $302,000 in police related, there is $625,000 in additional, there is $37,000 to Duke but no $2.7 million. I can't even find any combination that even comes close to $2.7 million.

   So I guess we will just have to say that according to Menz our debt was $2.7 million. Now that is a lot closer to the real debt that the first page has which if added up is $3,885,431.57. Click here to view

   PLEASE LISTEN; Menz's name is on the letter so he endorsed it entirely! If you were going to send such a threat to someone wouldn't you take the time to make sure it was right? I know I would! He now tells me the debt is only $2.7 million but he endorsed a letter that says $3,885,431.57 and when it appeared in the Enquirer on August 15th HE DID NOTHING EXCEPT LET YOU BELIEVE IT!

   I know one thing for sure! If we dissolve the village we won't be deceived by Menz again!


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