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Does The New ISO Rating Reduce Your Insurance Preimums?

   If you go down to the Amelia Village Fire Rating news article on the Village website you will see that it says "....November 1, 2008 our Public Protection Classification will be upgraded from 4 to 3. You are advised to contact your property insurance agent as this upgrade in the ISO rating may reduce your property insurance premiums by 3 - 5% per year......."

   Well I did exactly that and I was told by my insurance company that ratings 2 through 8 did not receive any discounts unless they were a business. I read it verbatim to my agent and asked him if it was a lie. He didn't want to say it was lying but he did say that it was not true. Good enough for me. Just another waste of my time and another disapointment about the information from the Village.

   Well I thought I would do the Village a favor by hvaing them correct it so the residents would get correct information and not be mad at the village for giving them bad information and wasting their time as I did so I reported this to Ellington who forwarded it on to Menz.and said they would look into it. That was on February 18th, 2009.


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