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   Folks, this is not meant to be a deception! That is why I put this link in every column 1 block. I believe that the current administration dosen't care one bit about Amelia at all, Most of their plans which can be seen on their website simply speaking continue to destroy what they call "old Amelia". Don't take my word for it look for yourself! My family has lived in what they refer to as "old Amelia" for 43 years. We do not like to be called "old Amelia". It should be the other way around. We should all be Amelia. Their current plans destroy homes in "old Amelia". Don't take my word for it look for yourself. My homes may be destroyed if all their plans go through. My properties are within the surveys that have been going on since last summer. How would you like it if for 43 years you lived in an historic old house and your son also lived in one and you were thrown out by someone who wanted to build a tree lane down 125!. Our kids were born here, my mother, brother and my wife's father died in these houses. Our pet cemetary contained a hundred graves including your most beloved dogs, cats and birdies!

   If you could save what is left of old Amelia and your homes wouldn'd you try?

   Amelia is just a piece of real estate. It will still be here regardless of if we have a Village government or not. Hamlet still exists, it still has street signs and it has an identity on Google. I have asked one of State Of Ohio departments in Columbus to tell me what exactly Hamlet is and I will post this answer when I receive the information. If you want to keep your identity I think we can still do it and call ourselves Amelia. I do know one thing and that is if you live in certain areas of what they call "old Amelia" and you want to try to keep your home then help us dissolve the archaic village government!


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