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The $3,700,00.00 Debt According to Ellington

   The debt has been an issue since we all received the threatening letter of August 11th, 2008. I knew it was wrong, proved it yet no one at the Village has been willing to admit it! Click here to review.

   In the Community Journal December 16, 2008 it starts all over! This is what the paper says: "Becoming a township resident could be costly for villagers, officials have said. In addition to paying property taxes to a township, residents of what is now Amelia would be obligated to pay off about $3.7 million in village debt or contractual obligations."

   I was beside myself! Here we go again with more falsehoods! Good grief, what does it take to get the truth from these people!

   The first thing I did was to ask one of my colleagues who knew the reporter to get the names of the officials who gave him this information. More on that later. It just so happened that I was having a phone conversation with a person associated with the village and I told this person about the article and that I was tired of all the lies, deceptions and threats that we were getting from the Village administration. I also said I wanted to know who they were. Of course I already knew but I wanted their names made public! Next day or so I get a call from this person and was told that this person had asked both of them, Menz and Ellington, and they both denied that they had given the reporter the information.

   In the mean time the reporter who had been contacted by my colleague had replied back and this is what I was told:

"I talked to Barret Brunsman and he indicated that, without going back to look at his notes, it was Ellington who said it was $3.7 million. He called Leroy , I think today, and asked him how much the debt really really is as there is some question as to the number and Leroy said, they are not sure."

If they are not sure then why did they threaten us with $3.7 million last August!"

   Well someone said $3.7 million! The following is a list of the newpaper articles where I read it.

Enquirer, February 17th, 2008 - $3.7 million,Ellington
Enquirer, December 16th, 2008 - $3.7 million,Village officials
Enquirer, August 15th, 2008 - $3.45 million, Ellington & Menz*
Enquirer, August 22, 2008 - $3.7 million, Ellington
Enquirer, August 27, 2008 - $3.7 million, Ellington

* from a copy of the ramifications letter that both Ellington and Menz endorsed.

   So I decided to go directly to the horse's mouth. I emailed Ellington and start with:

Easy enough, eh? Well I get the following response:

Finally I am beginning to believe I have found the truth! But if this is the truth then why did they threaten us with $3.7 million last August and at least 3 other times according to the newspaper articles!

   But don't get to excited yet, it isn't over. The next day I get this from Ellington.


   - when you add up items 1 through 12 the total is $3,885,431.57 not $737,600!

   - when you add items 1 through 12 less item 2 which he should have said you get $1,174,736.90 not $737,600

   - the total debt on page 1 is high by almost a million doillars.

   - for someone who has been saying "I didn't do it" he can sure try to be creative about his arithmetic to prove he did.

   So I guess we can now say that according to Ellington our debt was $3.7 million even though he had to know THAT IT WASN'T!

   PLEASE LISTEN; Ellington's name is on the letter so he endorsed it entirely! If you were going to send such a threat to someone wouldn't you take the time to make sure it was right? In order to believe that the threat was not a deliberate means to scare citizens into thinking they were in big trouble because of the debt you would have to believe Ellington is just plan stupid. I DON'T think that at all! The Rumpke debt is an example. You cannot tell me that he didn't know that it expired December 31st, 2008 and there was enough money coming in for most of 2009! You can't tell me that! Just one example of the deceptions on page one. I have asked for public records that would prove that this was a debt. I HAVE RECEIVED NO ANSWER! and that is because there is none.

   I know one thing for sure! If we dissolve the village we won't have an administration that can't even tell us what our debt is but is willing to create some in an attempt to scare us!


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