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Are We Going To Lose Our Kinship?

   In Cincinnati.Com February 17, 2008 John Wainscott states "That kinship could be lost if voters decide during May 5 special election to dissolve this Clermont County community of about 4,000 people",

   The first thing that I would like to point out is that this isn't just a Clermont County community unless you just don't want to include Pierce Township.

   Just like to add a question. Does everyone know what kinship is?

   It has been my experience in life that the only part of a person's being that is lost is what they choose to give up themselves. If someone chooses to give up their "kinship" because there is no sign on 125 that says Amelia that is their choice and they has every right to that choice

   As for me I have friends and neighbors who oppose the dissolution and I do know one thing for sure and for certain. Whether we dissolve this village or not any "kinship" between me and these friends and neighbors will only be lost if they decide to lose it!


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