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Are People Who Rent In Amelia Taking Advantage Of Us?

   I here this a lot from the opposition and it makes me believe that they are not very business oriented. So I am going to try to explain in simple terms how it works.

   The owners of apartment buildings are usually in business to make a profit. In order to make a profit the owners have to make more money than they spend. One of the things they have to spend money are taxes. One the taxes they have to pay are property taxes. Most of these property taxes have income from levys such as Fire/EMS, Police and perhaps Waste Collection, etc. We, including the people who rent, get to vote on these levys. Got it?

   Where do the owners get the money to pay these expenses which include property taxes? They get this money from the people who rent from them. So if they get the money from the people who rent from them then indirectly the people who rent from them pay the taxes through the owner of the apartment building. Any questions so far?

   What this means is that if we impose a tax on the renters because they are taking advantage of our services all we are really doing is forcing them to pay twice for what they have already paid for once. Understand?

   Now I know for absolute certainty that if we dissolve the village this will never happen because townships according to state law cannot impose income taxes.


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