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The Truth About Amelia's Administration, etc.

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Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Report

What Happened Last Year

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The Sequence Of These Postings

   I am sorry to say that the sequence of these postings is random so please do not think you can go from one to the next and the order will make sense. I did not post anything from the time we started the petition drive until the last council meeting when we officially got the vote on the ballot. I saw no reason to continue if we were not sucessful.

   I did keep track of all the things I wanted to report to you so now I am behind big time. I am posting as fast as I can but as you will soon find out things keep cropping up and I am trying to post all the new ones when I get them.

   So unfortunely for the time being you will just have to pick and choose the titles you want in random order. Sorry

   Of course if we dissolve the village I would not have to work so hard to provide you this information and believe you me that would make me very happy!


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