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Will You Lose Your Identity And Closeness?

   I read this in Cincinnati.Com, February 17th, 2009.

   "we would really lose our identity," Wainscott said. "I don't think we would have that closeness anymore."

   That is his opinion and he has every right to say it.

   My opinion is somewhat different. I don't consider the fact that I have lived here in Amelia 43 years has anything what so ever to do with my identity. When someone asks my name I don't say "John Toren from Amelia Ohio." Both my son and I travel to a great many places and speak to hundreds of people every year and when we are asked to say our name and where we are from most of the time we say our name and Cincinnati Ohio because when we say Amelia they invariably ask us "Where is that?" But as far as identity is concerned I don't think we will lose anything what so ever because there is nothing to lose. Amelia is not part of my identity, never has been, never will be.

   I don't think we have to bury the word Amelia if we dissolve the village. Hamlet has an identity and they are not a Village. Could we not have a sign that says Amelia just like Hamlet does?

   Will the Amelia Business Association have to change their name? Not unless they want to.

   How about the Amelia Historical Society? Will they shut down the organization or change the name? Only if they want to.

   Then there is what identity is more important. The Quail Creek Owners Association does not use the word Amelia in their name. They will not lose their identity. When I ask most people who live here "where do you live?" they answer Quail Creek or Sedona or Tall Timbers of Amelia Drive. Those identities are not going to be lost.

   Closenese is a hard word to understand because it can have so many meanings but I do understand what Wainscott is trying to say. At least I think I do.

   I am starting at the top with closeness. On the Village website Mayor Ellington says:

   "While campaigning in Amelia, I came to the realization that there is a disconnection between the residents of the village and village government. While I do not believe this is intentional, a problem does exist. As your Mayor, I will continue to come out into the community to meet our residents."

   Obviously there was no closeness with the residents and to the Village Administration. and the Mayor has not made any other statements about it on the website so it stiil must exist. I certainly agree with the Mayor's assesment especially since I have never been to a council meeting where anyone except family of the council members was present. So we will not lose any closeness at the highest level in Amelia because we cannot lose what we do not have.

   I guess that to me closeness implies a more intimate or familiar relationship than I would have with the 4,000 people that live here. They certainly are all not close friends. Actually very few are close friends. In reality there are very few I even know out of the 4,000. Anyhow I think of it more as something like comaraderie. I do understand and I agree that this what ever you want to call it does exist not only as far as where you live but many other situations as well. Examples of this might be during a conversation someone tells you they used to work for Cincinnati Milling Machine and you also worked for Milacron there is an immediate connection between both of you. The same goes for military service and the like. I just do not think at least in our lifetimes that I will lose any of this "closeness/comaraderie".

   So in my opinion I will not lose any identity or closeness and the only thing I will lose is the three million, or whatever amount, that they spend every year across the street if we dissolve the village. I like that kind of loss!


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