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What Is The Current Debt?

   The debt of the Village has been an problem since this issue arose last August 11th with the delivery of the threat (ramifications) letter that had an unreal amount of debt. The amount of debt in that letter has been proven not to be true at all. It has become an issue again with the latest newspaper reports and Cincinnati.Com postings that again threaten the citizens of Amelia with a $3.7 million debt that is simply made up and not true.

   So in order to let my fellow Amelians know exactly what the debt is I submitted a Public Records Request asking for all the contracts and ordinances that were associated with the debt on August 11th, 2008. I was given all the debt period. That is a good thing. Anyhow I organized this information by ordinance number and came up with 16 ordinances representing the debt. This did not count the debt from the employee severence pay contracts which I do intend to include but I must do some calculations for the period of time left on the contracts from June until August. Just don't have time at the moment.

   I created an Microsoft Excel Worksheet with the information I received. If you have Microsoft Office you can Click here to see the results that we have so far. You will see what is missing if you see Waiting for info in a far right column. I will update the information as I receive it. Just keep checking back and as soon as the Village gets it to me I will get it to you.

   For those of you that do not have a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet the debt currently is $2,300.056.52. BUT IT WILL CHANGE so keep checking back.

   I know this is rediculous but I requested the contact from Duke energy long before I posted this page on the 26th of February. Today is the 25th of March. What good is an administration who just has an open checkbook for our supliers to feed from without even knowing what we owe them by contract! All the more reason to vote yes on Issue 1 May 5th!


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