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We Lose Another Right To Choose!

   I have no doubt that the income/earnings tax is simply a matter of time. The Administration at 44 West for the most part has said nothing. According to the newpaper they were advised by Menz not to say anything. The mayor endorses the tax publicly as being the best option for our alleged future debts. The only reason that we do not have one already is that we stood up and said NO!!!

   We really don't have much control over what they do at 44 West.

   We can only vote out who we don't like every four years!

   People create jobs, resign and are appointed to the job that they created. Can we undo that? Not until 2012 when we get rid of Ellington!

   They use our own money to send us letters designed to decieve us and intimidate us and can we stop them from doing things like this? NO!!!

   They take credit for anything they can even though they play litte or no part in these things. Can we stop them from doing things like this? NO!!!

   Section I of each Ordinance states "Upon motions duly made and adopted the rules, requiring three separate meetings on three separate dates are suspended to permit the adoption of this ordinance as an emergency measure."

   In all my research looking at hundreds of ordinances I believe I have only seen ONE that they did not consider an emergency!


   So this bunch takes our right to choose routinely and they think nothing of it!!!

   Fact is I don't think I have ever seen an "emergency" ordinance unless of course villages have a different definition then the rest of us!

   It seems like an endless stream of, you name it, flowing out onto Main Street!

   If, or should I say when, they finally impose this tax upon us, and they can do that any time they want, we lose the right to decide to give them more money for whatever they want to spend it on. BECAUSE WE STILL CAN VOTE ON LEVIES! Yes indeedie, and they don't want us doing that anyone!

   But you know what? If we dissolve the village its is no longer a concern anymore is it?


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