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Should We Have A Full Time Administrator?

   In Cincinnati.Com January 23, 2009 it was reported that the Batavia Village council voted to reduce their Village Administrator's working hours to 24 a week.

   The Citizens Advisory Commettee created by the mayor and ignored by the administraton suggested that we make the Administrator's position a part time job.

   The Administrator also has a full time Executive Assistant.

   According to public records the Police Department has only added 1 Officer since 2003. Is that enough to need a full time Administrator?

   What changed so much from December 31st, 2006 to Jan 2nd, 2007 that required the Village to have a full time Administrator with a full time Executive Assistant? In my opinion NOTHING!

   Maybe if a few more citizens would show up to council meetings once in a while and question what is going on and why perhaps these activities would not have happened. In all the council meetings I have attended since September of 2008 I haven't seen one single resident that was present for the council meeting itself except for family of the administration!

   So my answer to the question is a resounding NO! Whats yours?

   But you know what? If we dissolve the Village all this muck goes away!


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