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Mayor Pay - $8,400 to $5,000 to $8,400 in 10 Days

   In the Record of Proceedings – Village of Amelia, August 6th, 2007 Page 1034 & 1037

   Mayor’s salary was reduced from $8,400 to $5,000. Ellington, Mr.Parker, Mrs Parker, Tasch, Troxell and Walters all yea. Motion carried.

   Unless I missed something in between they reversed the above on August 16th, just 10 days later! There was another motion to “keep the Mayor’s salary at the current amount of $8,400”. This motion was passed by Mr. Parker, Mrs. Parker, Tasch and Troxell all yeas. I guess Walters didn't vote and Ellington was conveniently absent. I wonder...

   1 – how could they keep it at $8,400 if they had already unanmously made it $5,000?

   2 – Why did they make it $5,000 in the first place?

   3 – what transpired in the ten days that made them change their minds?

   I really find it hard to understand much of what happens at 44 W Main but I won't have to be concerned about all these such strange happenings if we dissolve the Village will I?


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