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Recording The Council Meeetings

   I have been to quite a few council meetings since September of 2008 and I have heard a lot of statements in these meetings that I question. For example in the very last meeting on February 16th at least two people I know told me they heard Ellington talk about some emails implying that those of us gathering petitions had been lying to the people we talked to and that is why the email sender signed in the first place! As it turned out Ellington only had 1 email, not emails, and of course he was simply spewing out hearsay!

   I have submitted a public records request for any and all such emails. We will see what he is preaching!

      I also talked to a member of the Administration team and ws told that Ellington did not use the word emails.   

   There was newspaper reporting at this meeting so Ellington evidently decided to not take the "high road" and instead took the "low road" by implying that we were liars and decievers. There was also a lady in the "stacked" audience who also spewed out rhetoric to the effect that "some of her neighbors ahd told her we lied to them". Once again total hearsay!

   I cannot write fast so I am always short on my notes. Not only that but my notes prove nothing. So I decided the best way to handle this situation was to record the meetings.

   I talked to the Village Solicitor and was told that as long as I did not interfere with the meeting that I could do this. I purchased a small digital reorder for this task.

   There will be no more hearsay, mistakes in transposing, etc. Tonight will be the first night and this will continue as long as necessary.

   Course' it would be nice if we can get this Village dissolved! Then I could give the recorder to my grandkids and let them have some fun!


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