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Hey Veterans, This Is What They Think Of Our Flag!

   "No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America." Section 8

   "The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing." Section 8j

   The following is a series of pictures that were taken in Amelia by myself and another veteran. We were appalled at the disrespect shown to the flag we served. The Village had put up about 20 flags which illustrated most of the Armed Services and quite a few American Flags. They only did it to suck up to those of us who served our country. I think the following pictures pretty much back that up and they speak for themselves.

   All of the above pictures were posted on a website for them to see. Of course you could see them as you were driving through Amelia which every person associated with the Village Administration did almost daily and not a single one of them did anything!

   JJ was driving by the Municipal building and noticed the American Flag was flying upside down so he pulled over, snapped this picture and called the Village to report it. He was curious to see what they would do if anything so he stayed to see if anyone would come out and take care of it.

   Not only does the closeup show the Flag upside down but it is improperly mounted by not being at the top of the mast!

   Out comes the fixer who walks right by the upside down Flag to the Flag on the road. It was twisted as a great many of the twenty always. The fixer untwisted it and returned to what ever he was doing before JJ called the village.

   So JJ calls them again and reports that they fixed the wrong flag.

To make a long story short the fixer did come out again and took care of the Flag the second time around.

   Now keep in mind that they create excuses for everything they screw up so don't believe them if they say "we had a bad storm" or any such other hogwash. The top flag pictures were taken days and or weeks apart and I just got sick and tired of looking at them as I drove by.

   The other thing that bugs me is that they fly our Flag at night with virtually no lighting. You can't see it unless you are looking very closely or you stop, get out of your car and walk over to it. That stinks!

   I do know this! If we dissolve the village our Flags will be properly retired and never disgraced again by the hypocrites at 44 W Main who pledge alligence to our Flag every council meeting but don't respect it enough to treat it properly!


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