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Hey John "C" Pierce & Batavia Townships Both Have Easter Egg Hunts!

   In the crass political forum flyer put out by John "C", (click here for more info) during the Christmas Parade one of his biggest complaints was losing the Easter Egg Hunt where children are encouraged to expand their memory skills(LOL)".

   Well John "C" both Pierce and Batavia Townships have Easter Egg Hunts! Just think how much more these children can learn by hunting with a wider varity of other children from all over these huge, in comparison to Amelia, areas with new friends, and just as much or more fun while also expanding their memory skills.

   Gee, all this time I thought we were doing it for fun! Guess I'm just too old fashion. Still I must rememer John "C" turned the Christmas Parade into a political forum so turning the Easter Egg Hunt into a lesson to expand the children's memories should come as no suprise!

   I really cannot wait until we expand the childrens horizons by dissolving the Village and letting these kids get out into a bigger, better and brighter world!


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