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Menz Says "the earnings tax will help go a long way"

   In the council meeting on March 2nd, 2008 the discussion got around to the ODOT plans for SR125 imporvements. Evidently the accident reports are indicating that the accidents have been reduced to a level that does not require this plan to be put in effect so it has been cancelled.

   Someone asked Menz if this had any impact on the proposed income tax. His reply was something to the effect that he felt that we still needed to continue with our plan for SR125 or at least set up a fund of $150,000 - $200,000 a year until we reached a million in order to have the money if and when we need it. I record the Village Council Meetings so I did go back and found his comment on the income tax. He said:

"the earnings tax will help go a long way"

   Now I hate to say I told you so but the income tax issue is still alive and well in the hearts of the "rulers". Ellington has been endorsing it ever since I can remember and now we have a statement from Menz which certainly sounds like an endorsement to me.

   Now if you do not want this tax and the IRS of Amelia at 44 W Main then get out on May 5th and dissolve this Village. Since Townships cannot impose income taxes it will remove this tax threat forever!


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