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Clermont County Sheriffs Protect And Serve Amelia Already

   Two of us went to the Batavia Township Trustees Meeting on the 3rd to see what if any plans that they could be looking at to take over in Amelia if and when we dissolved the Village. I live in Batavia Township so I have a keen interest in what is taking place.

   The Township building is not very far just down Amelia Olive Branch to Clough and take a right, you can't miss it. It is a beautiful facility and very comfortable as well. They can afford it because they have a lot more citizens than we do to help pay the bills.

   The Administration Building occupies part of the location where BMOP was going to build a fire station if we had taken their proposal back in 2005. There are some athletic fields just as you turn the corner and Batavia Township is going to build, I think 4, world class baseball fields in this area. The plans are quite impressive. They can afford to do these things because they have a much greater population than Amelia who can barely pay "our" bills and expect a shortfall in 3 years.

   Anyhow during public input I found out that the Sheriffs that you see quite often in Amelia are actually on patrol in Amelia because it is their job. These Sheriffs work for Clermont County and are contracted by Batavia Township, we live in Batavia Township and therefore it is part of their responsibility to protect and defend at least that part of Amelia that is in Batavia Township.

   I have to admit that I didn't know this and I am glad I found out because it makes me feel more comfortable to know that if we dissolve Amelia these guys are already familiar with the Village and will have no problem in the transition as far as knowing the territory.

   We should also thank these Officers for their service once in a while as well. I have never heard them mentioned in any Amelia council meetings I have attended and I can't help but wonder how many of us "Batavians" even knew about their service.


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