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Update - 03/10/2009

Feedbacks From Melita Ellington

   I received two feedbacks from Melita Ellington.

Feedback #1:

   " Mr. Toren,

   Please be advised that my husband, Mayor Leroy Ellington, did not appoint me to my position on Planning Commission. In 2001, I interviewed with Mayor Mark Menz and Planning Commission Chair, Ron Robinson in 2001. I served my entire term and completed same on December 31, 2008. I have volunteered only for the Village and have never received compensation for any of my work.

   I would appreciate a retraction of your statement and please use your color coding system for same.

   Melita Ellington"

   I am at a loss here because the only page I can find with the name Meiita Ellington is harmless, informational only and contains nothing related to the feedback.

Members At large, Elected Or Appointed

   If Mrs. Ellington would be so kind as to give me the page title I will examine it for any improprieties and react accordingly. Until then there is nothing to retract.

   Request denied.

Feedback #2:

   "Would you also feel this way if Leroy worked in a different type of career? He is an honest, hardworking man, regardless of your opinion, much less your description of "hogwash." Of course, what you are taking as your first amendment right is quite tiresome and slanderous.

  Hogwash in my opinion"

   The only comment that I have at this point in time is that I have found out that Ellington's E-Funk band was paid $700.00 for at least one of the concerts. As more details become available they will be posted.

   I deeply regret hurting this lady with the manner in which I posted the page. I have no issues with anyone not directly related to the Administration. For that reason and that reason alone I have removed the page.

   That does not mean that I will not post the information but I will try to do it in a less hurtful way to Mrs. Ellington


I received the following feedback on March 9th, 2009:

Feedback #3

   Mr. Toren:

   I appreciate your attempt at a retraction. You deleted the page with your comment regarding my husband appointing me to a paid position. It had your final comment,

   I will defer to my husband for comment regarding the E-Funk Band playing for the Summer Concert Series, which I believe you will find quite satisfactory.

   The Amelia Summer Concert has been a wonderful community event with the opportunity for all residents to enjoy an afternoon of camaraderie and music from many local bands. It takes countless volunteer hours of planning to execute an event of this magnitude. I find it hard to believe you can find fault with our Village for attempting to create this positive experience. I am sorry that you feel that way.

   I am really confused at this. The only page I deleted was the page described in feedback #2. The only reference I could find to your name both on my computer at home or on the website was described in feedback #1 which I did not delete and remains on the website. I do not know what site you were looking at but if it was not the page I described in feedback #1 it was not my site.

   I have received nothing from your husband in regard to this issue.

   Through public records requests I have determined what his band was paid, how many times they were paid and that the Village paid some of these costs. These facts and figures will be posted under a different name and in a different format which you will not like. My hope is that you find the format less hurtful.

   I have never said that I found any fault with our Village for attempting to create this positive experience and therefore you need not feel sorry for me.


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