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Wainscott Asks Chief Sucher If Pointing A Gun Is Legal!

   I received a copy of this email from Wainscott to Chief Sucher last night and I am concerned. Wainscott's rhetoric has been getting stranger and stranger with his references to "kill" as well as some of the other diatribe he has been putting out on the same blogs he is accusing some unidentified people of threatening his life!

  Some examples are as follows:

   “Somehow it turned into a ‘Let’s kill the village’ petition,” Wainscott said. “All they want is to get rid of the council and the mayor, and they don’t care if they plunge residents of the village to the ninth layer of hell.”

   "It will be sad," Wainscott said. "I think we have a few zealots who are pushing really hard and glossing over the horrific Armageddon that they are pushing us to."

   "From the Monday night council meeting and the blog on the article in the paper Tuesday I firmly believe that those on the "Kill the Village" committee are very zealous in their beliefs.

   Zealots, Armageddon, layers of hell, “kill, “Kill”, ”kill”!

   Don’t try to tell me not to be concerned!

   It is almost as if he were a religious fanatic which is scary!

   He also says that something happened at the Council meeting on 02/16/2009 that caused him great concern about he and his family's life being threatened!

   If that happened why did the Mayor and the council not respond in some manner?

   Are any such incidents in the minutes of the meeting?

   Surely if anyone's life and the life of that person's family been threatened you would think that someone would have responded wouldn't you?

   Why did Wainscott not call this threat to his life and that of his family to Police attention immediately when it happened? Chief Sucher was probably there, he is at most of the meetings I attend! I know if my family's life were threatend I wouldn't wait until the next day to report it to Chief Sucher!

   Why haven't we heard from anyone else about these alleged threats?

   The following is the content of the email to Chief Sucher.


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Jeff Sucher
From: John Wainscott]
Sent: To: Jeff Sucher
Tuesday, February 17, 2009 9:06 PM
Subject: Concerns

Chief Sucher,

From the Monday night council meeting and the blog on the article in the paper Tuesday I firmly believe that those on the "Kill the Village" committee are very zealous in their beliefs. I'm concerned for myself and my family that one may be too caught up in the situation and may want some confrontation.

As village emails are public record, I want there to be some official record of my concerns.

If there's a life threatening situation I will call 911, of course. But, in the event that someone will not leave my property when politely asked, what measures can I take to help them leave? Is it legal to point a gun at them, brandish a shovel, etc. Or, would it be more prudent to slam the door and call the municipal building?

As of Tuesday night I have had no contact with the other side. I hope they remain civil but I don't expect it.

Thank you
John Wainscott

-------------- end of email-----------------



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