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How To Obtain Ordinances

   My first choice is to go to the public library. It's a super place to go! Just ask one of the folks at the desk where the ordinance books are and away you go! The library has longer hours, you don't have to wait or come back for your copies and there are ordinances going back a long way.

   You can also put in a Public Records request that you need to get at the Administration building. By the way don't let anyone over there tell you that you have to fill out a form either. In the spirit of cooperation I always fill the form out but if you don't want to you can just tell them what you want and they will fill out the form.

   The Administration is required by law to provide you with these records. They are very cooperative about providing these records but if you want them right away go the library. If you don't mind waiting submit the request. You may have to wait and come back.


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