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Menz To Rosser - It Makes Sense To Raise The Doubt!

   Through Public Records Requests by one of my colleagues I received a copy of an email from Menz to Rosser. Below it what the email contained:

   Now at the last meeting I attended in 2008 I had to sit there and listen to all the members of the administration thank and tell each other how great it was to serve with them and how honorable they all were and on and on, ad infinitum!

   Now I believe what I am looking at is the administration’s definition of honorable!

   Let’s review this for a moment.

   “The pond seems to be something that a lot of your neighbors are concerned about.”

   OK, expressing your concern is what your supposed to do!

   “This is probably one area that Pierce would eliminate if village is dissolved but I doubt that Pierce is going to give anyone a straight answer at this point.”

   Let’s not call Pierce and find out because we probably wouldn’t like the answer anyway! Especially if the answer is not what we want to hear!

   “ But I'm sure in conversations with residents it would make sense to raise the doubt unless Pierce is committal”

   WHAT!!! Raise the doubt unless Pierce is committal!! WHOA!!! Menz is telling Rosser to raise the doubt with the residents unless Pierce is committal! How would one know if Pierce is committal? Did anyone ask them!!! In essence he is telling Rosser to deceive the residents by raising doubt because they haven’t found out from Pierce and they evidently do not intend to try!!!

   I ask you now, is that what you would call honorable? The only question remains is whether Rosser followed orders and raised the doubt! I have a public records request in for Rosser's answer. We already know how honorable Menz is, right! Now we are going to find out how Rosser defines honor!

   OOPS! Almost forgot Ellington. He got a Cc and I wonder what he had to say when he read his copy! He would PROBABLY agree with them! Anyone interested in asking him?

   Well, I would call it a disgrace!!! But you know what? If we dissolve this totally unnecessary form of government we will never have to worry about it again, will we?


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