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Whose Going To Run The Amelia Revenue Service?

   You can read about why I believe we will have an income tax by clicking here.

   What I am going to show you was taken out of O-2008-61, the ordinance that imposed the income tax on September 4th, 2008. First a picture of the ordinance itself:

   Thats right ladies and gentlemen, our old friend MARK MENZ! Now read that whole paragraph PLEASE! Why thats a lot bigger department! Do you suppose Menz will get a raise for all this extra work! He will certianly need some more help cause the poor fellow does not have time enough to do the current work he has. Perhaps an Executive Assitant's Assitant eh?

   Appoint? Hmmmm... Deputies.... Hmmmm Clerks... Hmmmmm Other employees Hmmmmm Perhaps a former Mayor who had to have a few executive(secret) meeting to discuss personal matter, maybe write his own job description, resign, get appointed a job and passed unanimously by council! Is what I'm experiencing deja vue? Well at least there is a precedent for it unlike the first timeit happened!

   How many new jobs do you see? If they really tried hard enough I wonder it it could amount to 7?

   I wonder how much cash we will have left after we pay for this insanity!

   Well if we dissolve the Village it will be 0! Let;s do it now!


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