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Police Patrols, Another Issue Of Truth

   Maybe I'm too much of a stickler but I am a person who does not want to be lied too, deceived or intimidated! I became interested in this subject when I clicked on the Services A-Z link on the Village website. Now to start with it used to say Village Services A-Z and I at least got them to take that deception out. Oops.. Sorry! They just moved it to the inside too deceive you even better! You will see what I mean if you are on their website and click the A-Z Services. You can read about my semi-futile attempt at getting them to stop trying to deceive you by the use of inappropriate wording by clicking here.

   As I was reading these so-called Village Services I had a hard time determining what should have been a service as opposed to a yellow pages listing or a "service" that they had already gotten rid of such as the recycle pickup but I did see a few and one of them was "Police Protection". So I read Police Protection and all I could say to myself was :here they go again" lying to us. The following picture is a snap shot of part of the definition.

   "The Amelia Police Department patrols all areas of the Village 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. For further information, please call 753-4747."

   Well I knew immediately that logiostically this just wasn't possible but I want verification for every thing I post so through public records I requested the Officers Daily Reports for tne month of December, 2008.

   Next is a sample of what reports I am talking about so you can better understand from which I got my information.

   Before I tell you the "rest of the story" I want to let you know that I was talking to a representative of the Administration who called me to tell me why it was taking so long to get my requests finished. What they were trying to do was print the info on both sides to save me some money. I thought that was nice of them so I thanked them. While I was on the phone I suggested that if they changed the wording from "patrols" to "protects" they could just cancel the request and they wouldn't have to do it. So rather than change "The Amelia Police Department patrols", which is not true, to The Amelia Police Department protects" they would rather keep their falsehood. Hey, if they had done the right thing you wouldn't get to see an Officers Daily Report so the next time you see them you can thank them for helping your educational progress.

   The first page has the Officer's name blocked out by me and it is a summary of the shifts activites and has additional information about the happenings on the shift. The second page is where I obtained the facts that tell us that what they defined as 24/7 patrolling was clearly false. The easiest way to tell is look at the column titled location. Do you see APD? Every page has APDs. APD is the Amelia Police Department. Can you be at APD and be patrolling at the same time? Of course not! Took me less than 10 seconds to figure this one out!

   Now besides APD there are quite a few other things on the report that cannot be construed as patrolling. Car wash, clerk's office, transporting somebody, read them yourself and draw your own conclusions. This particular Officer has his own definition of patrolling.He patrolled 3 times for a total of 35 minutes! HE PROTECTED US FOR HIS WHOLE SHIFT!

   I'm getting to old for this stuff. My hope is that we dissolve this Village so we don't have to worry about these deceptions ever again!!!


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