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Waiscott's Credibility Torn To Shreds!

   Next up is what Wainscott has been telling the local busineses wilst begging for money to support his shallow and pathetic attempt to stop us! If you want to read the whole story click on this line.

   "Legislators are unwilling to comment on "what will happen"; instead they are waiting for new laws to come from the lawsuits that are sure to come. The economic climate is too poor for businesses to have to weather a storm of uncertainty while new laws are hashed out in a courtroom."

   The above was cut right out of his threat letter to "corporate residents"(Amelia businesses) in Amelia! Next up is a string of pictures showing what I believe to be one of those legislators that Wainscott is NOT refering to because he IS willing to comment on this situation. Not only that but if you read these emails you can hear the meat grinder shreding Wainscott's credibility to shreds.

   There is something wrong with Wainscotts methods. He is seldom right about anything he says. He is on the Village Park Commission! He shouldn't be a part of anything that has to do with our Village! He won't be for sure if we dissolve it!


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